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Horoscope matching or checking the horoscope compatibility is the traditional way of fixing Hindu marriages. Help people across the world enhance their inner strength by providing accessible, affordable and positive guidance based on authentic works in astrology and related fields. Your horoscope can tell a lot about your health and possible ailments.

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Instead, you can simply enter the name of your place of birth. Testimonials Testimonials Disclaimer. Through precise decoding of your horoscope, you can discover the hidden factors regarding your personality and life experiences. The clear perception on customer requirements, versatility and accuracy of predictions make Astro-Vision a global favourite, and a big shot for business alliances. Free Astrology software with personalized horoscope, astrology calculations and predictions.

The successful journey of Astro-Vision is always powered by the guidance and motivation of these people at the helm. We are always happy to invite applications from passionate people and we can offer you a satisfying career. Having pioneered the development of astrology software in India, today we mentor the people around the globe. The wide network of branches, dealers and distributors helps us stay close to our customers and partners, for in time supports and assistance.

Also, Astro-Vision is an organization with global vision, having strategic tie-ups with leading brands. Dealer programs As an Astro-Vision dealer, gsm tricks you'll be putting your business name beside a pioneer in Vedic Astrology software development.

You can read the report online or by taking a printout. It can tell you the general attributes of all aspects of your life - family, marriage, career, wealth, health, education etc. Using this software, you can prepare horoscopes with your preferred regional chart formats viz.

Astro-Vision gives digital embodiment to Vedic Astrology in a variety of forms viz. Astro-Vision empowers various websites and telecom operators with astrology solutions. You can generate horoscope in your preferred language. It is a team moulded in elite work culture with visionary people to lead from the front.

As an Astro-Vision dealer, you'll be putting your business name beside a pioneer in Vedic Astrology software development. Our astrology softwares suiting the various requirements of individuals, astrologers, astrology students and business centers are exemplar in precision and are available at affordable rates. Horoscope can tell about your personality, character, mindset, emotional makeup etc.

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It serves people with a variety of astrology reports which help them know the effects of cosmic forces on various fields of their lives. It tells you about your inclinations, skills, attitude etc. Also, some major portals such as Bharat Matrimony and Shaadi. Kanippayyur Namboodiripad. Finds out the yogas in your life and gives predictions based on that.


The difference is your profit. Astrology Portal The one stop site for detailed horoscope and astrology solutions generates free reports concerning family, relations, health, wealth, education, career etc. Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt.

You can check horoscopes whenever you want by entering the birth details and generating the report in a matter of seconds. What are the details required to generate a horoscope?

Astro-Vision is an organization with a global vision. They always maintain a friendly and spirited ambience, letting members stay motivated and excel with their skills. It opens to you the possibilities of attaining enlightenment too. The horoscope will also reveal the malefic effects of stars, planets and planetary combinations. Generates ashtakavarga chart and gives predictions based on that system.

Planetary disposition, planetary friendship, planetary strengths, moudhyam, planetary war, grahavastha etc. The process generates a score after checking these parameters based on which one can decide whether an alliance is compatible or not. They have been ushering the organization since its inception and their strategic moves have raised the status, positioning the brand as a trusted companion of millions. The strategically sound management guides the members to reach their goals, and maintains an environment for their free expression and maximum output. Astro-Vision provides a variety of multi-lingual software packs suiting the various requirements of individuals, astrologers, astrology students and business centres.

It will tell you the general pattern of your life flow. The management faculty of organization houses people with global exposure experienced in executing intricate projects.

Predictions on your near future by comparing the current positions of planets with that in your birth chart. Positively guide and inspire a billion people to lead a better life. Vedic Astrology, for today and tomorrow. Horoscope compatibility is the preliminary requirement for marriages.

The software will generate a score after checking all the above parameters. We invite with pleasure every applicant who wishes to join and we regard every individual as a vault of skills and ideas.

Arjun has hands on in Digital Marketing and Product Management. Predictions on various aspects - personality, family, career, wealth, health, marriage etc. We are most proud of moulding and refining the skills of individuals who work with us and we value it above all other achievements.

By identifying such doshas, a horoscope can also suggest the remedial measures to prevent or reduce their ill effects. The transit of Jupiter through various houses and their effects on your life. Available in Android and Java. How is a free astrology software useful in your life?

Used by astrologers all over the world. Provides Panchanga predictions based on weekday, nakshatra, thithi, karana and nithya yoga. Binod is primarily responsible for providing long term vision for the growth of the company including strategic planning and evolving marketing policies.