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We could wrap equal numbers of images in floated divs, but that's not very easy to keep balanced. So many different things could be done with this.

Includes swipebox, but also compatible with most third party lightbox plugins. You might just skip a fallback because whatever it's not that bad it just has some white gaps. If you still having doubts or if you didn't understand something feel free to contact me via email through my profile Here at the bottom there is a contact form, I will help you any way I can!

This will create a synchronized slider above the gallery. View Demo Documentation Shortcode generator. Please start a support thread? You can copy all the code I will mention from the index. Plugin still works fine with Responsve Lightbox.

Finetuning If you want to finetune the options per gallery you can add some parameters to the gallery shortcode from text editor. Hey Chris, love this idea. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. It just does what its made for.

The gallery shortcode can be extended with some options, from the text editor. On clicking an image in the gallery, the corresponding image becomes the active slide.

The following people have contributed to this plugin. Great Article, gotta love the Ghost Busters Quote put in there.

Seamless Responsive Photo Grid

Description Transforms the native WordPress gallery to a responsive gallery, respecting image proportions. Your default WordPress Galleries should now all look titled and responsive! You can pimp eacht individual gallery to your needs by updating the gallery shortcode paramaters. How can I further configure and modify the gallery to my needs?

Yet one box would remain in a fixed location as a logo? This option need to be true if you wish the grid to be centered to its container works when you set a static width in each column true, false. You don't care if they are resized, but they should maintain their aspect ratio.

You all offer some good information. First you need to add the gridGallery. But that's not quite what we want. Just because you think that would be cool.

If you have important information to share, please contact us. By default the images will pop out on mouse-over. That way the images will stack on top of each other, and the height issue is moot.

How TO - Responsive Image Grid

Ship custom analytics today with Keen. Hi Chris, nice article and a very funky technique.

Thank you for purchasing my item. You can also make multiple galleries in one page and from different folders! Will there be added more options? Might even be a bit deeper than that. They are of all different sizes.

Just very few lines right? It behaves as expected in Firefox but not in Chrome or Safari.

Thank you for sharing so interesting knowledge and tricks! Check out the documentation. As far as I saw, some kind of bug also appears, if you declare line-height, and works pretty fine without this.

This will certainly inspire my next image wall. You can google how to install a php web server with the programs I mentioned, there are many tutorials out there. This would line up the image centers horizontally. Thx for the article Sascha. Please start a support thread for any of your requests.

How To Create a Responsive Image Grid

Wow this is so straight forward and useful. Illustrations, Photography, Drawings, etc.

Responsive Gallery Grid

So I decided to include a lightweight lightbox. Whatever floats your boat. And that's it, refresh your page and you will see now your gallery with the images you just add with the filter of categories. What we need are vertical columns in which to place the images.

The plugin will take care of reading them, just refresh your page and you will see this images automatically added to the grid! Yeah, literally, the thing where you can set text in narrow columns automatically. The images to the left and right of the grid are cut of when I mouse over them. To improve performance you can add thumbnails for the grid and then when you click in one of them the plugin will open a lightbox with the real one. Transforms the native WordPress gallery to a responsive gallery, the dark knight rises apk full respecting image proportions.

How TO - Responsive Image Grid