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So, you are all cordially invited to take part in this entertaining on-screen celebrations at the earliest. And this mirror is more pronounced as we start to see how materialism and the building of a career can get in the way of romance, with the tussle on demands for time taking its toil.

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Songs are great and both actors are excellent dancers. It wonderfully depicts the confused mind of both of them when they have to decide on their career and love. Give this film a chance, it deserves it.

Mainly, it's the directorial treatment of Manesh Sharma which has made a simple story worth watching. The innocence she had before she did the plastic surgery was breathtaking. This is one of those movies that start off in a predictable fashion. Repeat Value - The movie leaves you at a high point and you feel compelled to go back and enjoy the lively scenes once more.

Boy meets girl, boy being a stud chases after girl and girl being focused snubs him. It's awkward and hilarious at first but fits, as Bittu is no convent-educated and they don't speak a civilized language anyway. Being a marriage centric movie this had to be a colourful movie and that job is done perfectly. Bluray Meet the Spartans Meet the Spartans. Still, it's worth watching.


Maneesh Sharma's directorial debut Band Baaja Baaraat is one of the year's most refreshing and entertaining films. Once Shruti was dropped home, I straightened myself up to watch rest of the movie carefully as I realized I could be watching the best and my soon to be most favorite love story on screen. In summary I'd say only go watch it if you're a die-hard bollywood movie maniac who has nothing better to do in life. This very portrayal and the script had actually more weight for me in making the movie work. Anushka and Ranveer Singh got balanced dialogs.

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But now I know he was the perfect choice for this role. Subtitle Not Synced Wrong subtitle Missing subtitle.

You know exactly how the story will unfold and that there will be no dramatic twists and turns and distressing suspense. Band Baaja Baaraat directed by Maneesh Sharma is very good. The scene of the after morning that follows is even more brilliant.

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Band Baaja Baaraat Trailer. Band Baaja Baaraat offers just that in large doses with the different projects the fledging Shaadi Mubarak organizes, blueprints of cars and needless to say I was having a field day.

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The initial story is fresh and good and it's interesting to see the two main characters set up their business and forge a partnership. While the first half is a joyous ride, the second half is a cryfest. The film's ending is nice albeit a tad too sentimental. Neeraj Sood as Maqsood is effective but my personal favorites were Revant Shergill as Santy and the guy who was Ranveer's room mate in the hostel. Went to see this film with my Mum with whom I often indulge with watching Bollywood films at the cinemas.

Touches all peaks of perfection apart from editing. The songs are great and well placed and the story moves along smoothly. He was very natural and confident throughout the movie. The movie though having no big names turns out to be a complete entertainer. Ranveer Singh is one who surprised me.

Dance, Rock, some slow but quickly picks up tempo. Music by Salim-Sulaiman is soulful and acts as a plus-point. With their immensely likable chemistry, they both deliver superb performances in the movie and leave a highly positive impact on the viewer in the end. Shruti and Bittoo decide to start a wedding planning company together after they graduate from university, but romance gets in the way of business.

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While the slightly senior Anushka has done the best work of her short career, the film belongs to the new-comer, Ranveer Singh. Maneesh Sharma succeeds by making his characters feel as if they live next-door, and the screenplay by Habib Faisal is spot-on in the first hour.

Anushka Sharma is efficient. Recommended for anyone who loves an amazing musical style film! On the whole, A Decent Flick, that easily makes a good one-time watch. The film is a love story of Shruti and Bittu who keep denying to each other that they have started liking each other. So, he joins Shruti in her dream.

Download Film Band Baaja Baaraat Sub Indonesia - FILMKECE

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The first half is smart and brave while the second half is bit slow paced and tends to get boring. It's not a remake of any sort and the dialogues will have you laughing out loud. Ranveer Singh was just lucky to have done this film which no one expected to work the way it worked. They just fit so well together on screen like their characters do in the film.

It's all for the much needed happy ending. The film is well handled in first half, having moments of joy between the two as there get close together. But that's all the predictability you are going to get from this movie.

It made people take Anushka Sharma as a good actor and Ranveer Singh got his dream launch in a film that became a superhit. This is also the first movie where her male costar actually looks more her age, unlike her pairings with Akshay and Shahrukh thus far. One emotional scene after another ruins the mood for watching the film. However, the writing in the second hour isn't that convincing and drags a bit, especially pre-climax. Both actors have amazing control on their face expressions and dialog delivery.

It was amazing on so many levels. Only after some genuine positive word of mouth started pouring in, I decided to give it a go.