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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Both Cat and Vincent try to locate a mysterious gem following these revelations, but with different motives. Belle learns of what happened and goes to the castle, attempting to release her father. Her role was later expanded upon and ultimately taken over by Mrs.

At the same time, they get to know one another and eventually fall in love. She turned the rose into enchanted dust which revived the Beast and transformed both him and his servants into humans once again. Eventually, after regaining his memories and Tori's death during the season, Vincent realizes that he is still in love with Cat and tries to win her back, but she rejects his advances. During the battle, Le Fou attempts to kill Lumiere by waving a torch perilously close to Lumiere's head, best dating sites for but Cogsworth saves him by jabbing scissors hard in Le Fou's rear end.

He is only seen in these two scenes, and his fate after the Beast's existence is revealed is left ambiguous. He tries to lure Belle away from the castle to get a Christmas tree in an area beyond a frozen lake. Shortly afterwards, the spell on the kingdom is broken and Chip along with the other servants are restored to their human forms. When the Beast arrives, he tries to explain what happened, but the Beast is too angry to hear what happened. In the ending, he is reunited with Clothilde after he transforms back into a human, much to his dismay.

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Beauty and the beast actors dating

Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Redirected from Characters in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Potts is portrayed by Emma Thompson in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast.

The Enchantress is an off-screen, minor character, but she is responsible for the events in the story, as revealed in the prologue that it is she who curses Prince Adam as the Beast. His name came from the comics. Later, when Forte tries to destroy the castle, he attempts to save the rose. Then Sultan gets in front of Maurice so that he can put his feet up.

Full Cast & Crew
Beauty and the beast actors dating

This article needs additional citations for verification. His scene was cut from the film, dating but is featured in the deleted scenes. Chef Bouche is the Beast's head chef who was transformed into a stove.

  • The Enchantress left the Beast with only two items, a magic mirror as the only window to the outside world, and the rose she had tried to give him.
  • When the spell is broken, Jean is reunited with his wife and son and later dances with his wife at the ball.
  • They think Belle is crazy when they see her refusing Gaston's advances.

He also uses Fife the Piccolo to carry out his plan, promising him his own musical solo when he succeeds though he never actually intends to give the solo to him. After a while, when Belle brings Maurice home, Le Fou alerts Gaston so he can put his plan into action. He is depicted as the Mrs. He also appears in the version. Unlike the other cursed denizens, he enjoys the new form that he has for its power, as he feels that he's more useful to the Beast in this form than as his human form.

Beauty and the beast actors dating
Beauty and the beast actors dating

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Beauty and the beast actors dating

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When the Beast is wounded, she tries to tend to his wounds with Belle. He suggests that the Beast try and move her to a better room. Their growing chemistry complicates things. Years later, she reappeared disguised as a hermit named Agathe. Unlike in the original animated film during the fight at the Beast's castle, match dating app for he saves Mrs.

Beauty and the Beast (TV Series ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

List of Disney s Beauty and the Beast characters
Beauty and the beast actors dating

Chappeau later takes part in the fight against the villagers where he punches Le Fou. It is then revealed that her first name is Beatrice. Clothilde is a villager and fishmonger who is the wife of Cogsworth.


  1. One deleted scene had the Triplets chasing Frou-Frou into the kitchen where Cuisiner throws food on them.
  2. It is left unknown if they knew Gaston died against the Beast, though it's possible that Gaston's absence from then on gave them that message.
  3. They are later seen comforting and fawning over Gaston in the bar.
  4. Potts rush to aid the Beast who is fighting against Gaston, but arrive after the battle's end, when the Beast dies from a mortal wound from Gaston, who fell to his death from the West Wing.

It is revealed that this version's first name is Henry. Knowing that Belle has no interest in marrying Gaston, Maurice refuses her hand, prompting Gaston to leave him to die at the hands of the wolves. Desperate to start over with Cat, dating ethiopian Gabe tries to woo her by taking her on a romantic date. LePlume is a quill that is one of Webster's friends. He was first seen amongst the castle's inhabitants welcoming Maurice and giving him a blanket to help him warm up.

Beauty & the Beast (season 2)

Upon his return, Maurice attempts to have Gaston arrested for attempted murder, but Gaston in turn declares him insane and has him committed to an insane asylum. Beat then order Palanquin to drop Maurice back at the village. While he means well, he has a rather long tongue, often speaking out of the right moment. They also appear in the live-action remake. He and his mother are reunited with Mr.

Hal Smith original film Frank Welker sequel. In the same deleted scene where Le Fou had finished talking with Monsieur Toilette, Cuisiner is shown hugging a villager that he knows as Monsieur Toilette passes them. Luckily, Belle discovers that her father is in trouble via the Beast's Magic Mirror and is released by the Beast so she can save him.

As Catherine gets to know him, she starts finding out more about her mother's murder and about who and what Vincent really is. This version has a wife named Clothilde. They are not part of the mob who tries to kill the Beast. When the villagers attacked the castle, he and the knives ended up scaring away the villagers that chased Sultan into the kitchen.

Fife lures Belle into Forte's room for him to tell Belle where a suitable Christmas tree is located. No longer loyal to Forte, Fife tells the Beast that Forte's power comes from the keyboard and Beast uses this knowledge to depower him. Kimmy Robertson as Babette. The Baker later provides the birthday cake for Gaston's wedding proposal for Belle which doesn't go well. The Music Behind the Magic.

The villager gives him a forgiveness gesture. At the end of the movie, Maurice is seen painting the ballroom dance as everyone celebrates. Monsieur D'Arque is dumbfounded when he discovers that the two had managed to escape. Cat confronts her birth father about the mysterious role he has played in her life, while Vincent has to neutralize a high-profile beast. Also, he and Cogsworth help get a Christmas tree with Belle upon Forte's suggestion unaware of Forte's plan.

Beauty and the beast actors dating

Catherine Chandler, a law student, witnesses her mother being shot the same night she is saved from her mother's murderers by a supposed beast. After Belle agreed to take Maurice's place, Beast had Maurice loaded into Palanquin telling Maurice that Belle is no longer her concern. The Coat Rack is an unnamed servant of the Beast who was turned into a coat rack that sports a green hat. However, it doesn't take long before he succumbs to an unknown illness due to the cold weather. The Baker was seen when the Headmaster had roused the villagers into destroying Belle's laundry invention after the Headmaster caught Belle teaching a girl how to read.

He follows the Beast's orders to deny her dinner, but he eventually relents, telling them to at least keep the noise down. In the game, she blocks Sora's way to the undercroft to free the servants from the dungeon, forcing Sora to push her out of the way while she is sleeping. He only appears after Gaston demands that Maurice be put into the asylum and also tries to lock up both Maurice and Belle on Gaston's orders while being told to make sure they don't get out.

When the residents of the castle learn of the upcoming invasion, he tries to come up with a plan to stop the villagers, but the others leave him before he can finish. However, he is unable to make it to the fair due to getting lost in the woods. The character of Wardrobe was introduced by visual development person Sue C.

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