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But the premonitions are becoming stronger and stronger, demanding more attention. Each introduction is a chance for all of us to learn more about you and the qualities that inspire chemistry, i am romance and ultimately lasting love. It is at a time where an underlying truth is told to her and she has a huge decision to make.

The search for anything valuable in life requires special care, attention and dedication to the finest of details. If this sounds appealing, then we would love to meet you! The adolescent characters - specifically Paige and her friends - spoke in a way that was consistent to their ages, expected maturity and lifestyles. Janis has been featured on over specials worldwide on love, dating, and relationships including Dr. No, nothing supernatural, nothing freaky or awkward.

They seem determined to keep their friendship strong. These beautiful, intelligent and energetic men and women have shared details with her that reveal their unique strengths, online hopes and dreams for the future. It had me addicted from the start!

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The characters are very real to me. Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Amazing debut for this series. With that in mind, I love that she wrote their relationship in a realistic way - and I got plenty of warm fuzzies from that! It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification.

Going to a matchmaker totally changed what I look for in the one - INSIDER

He tracks dark spirits and becomes alarmed when they set their sights on Paige. Besides, I reasoned, maybe I'd just been picking the wrong photos or making the classic first date mistakes. Rebekkah is creating a mythology all her own, and it is fantastic. We all know relationships can be tricky. Spindel, who is decidedly unwedded, spends the majority of her waking hours wading through the gritty details of desire.


Beyond the eyes matchmaking

We are not here to waste your time or ours by introducing two people who are not a true match. Her whole life has been leading to her finding out who she is. We have a team of experts who are ready to make you sure you shine.

  • Well written on the whole, you feel Paige's emotions right along with her and putting the book down will be a challenge.
  • He shares with her something's that blow her mind!
  • The story builds gradually, letting the reader get to know the characters before the real action happens.

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If she was selfless and wasn't hormonal, I would be giving the book a much lower rating - because it wouldn't be believable. What I want to tell you about this book and what I'm going to tell you are two very different things. One of the many advantages of working with Renee Richel is the trust she has developed with the men and woman who have come to her looking for someone they can share their future with. When two power-hungry malevolent beings make demands on her, she realizes then the fate of mankind rest in her hands. Sometimes it just boils down to whether or not you like the main character and I just couldn't connect with her.

The synopsis intrigued me so I thought I would like it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Not at all predictable and not a dull moment. We then set realistic expectations to give our potential clients an accurate and honest look at what the process might involve based on desired criteria, location and relationship readiness. These are the choices that shape the way we live, dating in from when we go to bed to how we stay in shape.

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Ford for reminding me of how intense feelings can be at that age, how you can be so drawn to another person so swiftly and so completely! Take the pressure off a first date by relaxing and enjoying the time to get to know someone new regardless of the outcome. His anger did scare me sometimes, so hopefully in book two he figure that business out and deals with it accordingly. What do you think the number one thing a man wants in a woman is? Those who go into first dates with this expectation feel the post-date emotional crash when interest is not mutual.

It has to do with my eyesight. Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. We are only able to accept the clients we feel we are able to serve and who are in alignment with our own values and goals as one of the most trusted matchmaking companies in the industry. Are you curious if matchmaking is right for you?

This is totally up to you! With this intimate information, Renee Richel is able to more accurately put people together who can begin their relationship with confidence. Very intriguing loved this book. Marriage is not a destination but rather a journey.

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The relationships among the characters are real to me and not stereotypical. This is not surprising as there are very few ways to meet men and women who are highly likely to be compatible with their core beliefs, goals and plans for the future. It all seemed way too rushed. Our advice and counsel may be the most valuable part of our process together.

Beyond the Eyes

Maybe it is time for some focused and professional help. Rebekkah Ford did great with this one! The more we know you and your lifestyle the better we can support you and find your ideal match. As the dark spirits seek her more and more, Paige finds she must make a decision that will change her life forever and save the world! Not only because the book said so, faster than dating but also because their characters screamed it.

Beyond the Eyes is a story of an ultimate fight between light and dark, good and evil, black and white. This is an enjoyable escape of the most paranorma Beyond the Eyes by author Rebekkah Ford has a real pull. Beyond the Eyes was an enjoyable read.

Our team of experts listen, advise and support you every step of the way. This is something I haven't read before and I really enjoyed it! It's not exactly what I usually read but I was pleased at how good it was. My favourite character was Tree Jack. Maybe I'm just not the online dating type.

She must be sophisticated, intelligent, attractive, well-groomed and, according to Spindel, thin. Well, with her help, I've got new rules. Except those in romance novels, apparently. Good - I liked Paige's friends. She feels an instant connection to him and soon finds out that he tracks dark spirits, who have recently decided to target Paige.

  1. They are intriguing, and made me want to know more.
  2. Check mark icon A check mark.
  3. First, she looked at my lifestyle.
  4. Nathan and Paige fell in love at first sight.

Beyond the Eyes (Beyond the Eyes 1) by Rebekkah Ford

I went to a matchmaker and her advice changed what I look for in a partner
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