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He asks her next time he practices lines he wants her to read the lines of the girl. He tries to get to know her better by asking Ema to let him interview her for his work.

He agrees to stop and return to being a nice older brother for her. Hikaru became interested in her since he realized that all the other brothers are smitten with her. Brothers Cocktease, tennis the menace online dating Programming Conflict.

She tells him to stop using the same tactics to get her as he does with other girls. In the ending, some dumb ho kouhai Minakami keeps hitting on Yuusuke and being a bitch to Ema who starts to get kinda jelly of the whole thing. He does an interview on her for his book.

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Ema got really depressed and started crying, Sasakura comes to comfort her but Yuusuke got the wrong idea and thought that Sasakura was the one who made Ema cry and started punching the poor dude. Kaname asks her to go for a drive with him and shows her a place with pretty night lights.

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Looking forward to how Brains Base will be handling the anime series! They kiss and have some sexy time in his car. Before the movie starts he sneaks in to the seat next to hers and watches her reaction to his acting. Baww Subaru was so cute too.

Since neither Kenji or Yukie had any relatives, Ema was sent to the orphanage. Poor Yuusuke floated across the screen multiple times.

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He is popular amongst the brothers, is rather promiscuous but he is rather good at making observations of others. Ema tells him that she likes him being imperfect as he is now even if he strives for perfection. Since he is the koakuma type, he often plays around with Ema.

Well Subaru was in a much better state than Ema because he had just went for his morning workout and came in at least with the pants on. Again Kaname used his sexual harassment attack and nibbles on her ear when she refused his kiss. He then asks her to accept all of him as he kisses her on his bed asking her to spend the night. Ema asked Yuusuke whether there is something she can do for Subaru. Ema kicks ass at gaming, not did she triumph above Subaru and Yuusuke, she even gets a higher score on her first try on this shooter game than Natsume, who was on the developer team of the game.

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So she decided to stop responding to his mail and becomes all depressed. Although he goes all tsuntsun, his deredere moments are yummy. He left the Sunrise residence and lives alone.

Tsubaki fed Subaru too much alcohol and he reveals a beastly side by pushing Ema down and kissing her. Ops I almost forgot the ending. Ukyo is the strict oniichan who is probably a closet pervert. Tsubaki started teasing Yuusuke about giving Ema a piggy back while they are both in swimsuit, Yuusuke ran off in embarrassment. Likely to be The Nightmare before Christmas, they mention pumpkin king or something.