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Those names are found even in one of the inscriptions. Pazhaverkadu was called as Pulicat, because the Dutch found it difficult to pronounce. Harihar became the first king of the newly established kingdom.

The village accountant variously known as patwari, talatti, karnam, adhikari, etc. He sent an emissary to China as a part of his diplomatic strategies. Both were forced to convert to Islam. Bukka was an able king and maintained diplomatic relations with the neighboring kingdoms.

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The placid sea sheltered by the deeply curved coastline provided a safe haven for anchoring ships. There were several depictions of bulls with various sizes of horns and humps, and in association with riders.

They were the sons of Sangama - a chieftain at the court of the Hoysala rulers. This temple has been built by a Telugu man called Balavandakulu. Patwari reports toTehsildar or a chief clerk of Tehsils land records.

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Many holders of the title now use Patwari as their family last name in Karnataka and a few other parts of South India. The ancestors of the people having surname Pralaya Kaveri could possibly the royal officials of Sangama dynasty posted at at then Pralaya Kaveri. Bukka and his brother eventually escaped and retained their Hindu traditions and founded the Vijayanagara Empire under the influence of the Brahmin sage Vidyaranya.

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Narmet surname not belongs to Telugu Mudiraj community but also to Telugu Yadava community. The capital of Vijayanagar empire was located on the banks of Kaveri near present Hampi. However their rising powers was the reason behind the frequent wars against the Bahmani kingdom. The following analysis proves that the hero Kommaraju in story was a Kalchuri prince and these Mudiraj people are the descendants of Kalchuris. Here, the story of Ankamma version no.

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These rectangular troughs, which can still be seen, were used for storing water that used to be purified with herbs. The British colonial era made minor amendments to the system but continued the system.

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