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Shafqat Amanat Ali Ahmed Jahanzeb. Farhad Humuyun was recruited as the new drummer for the fifth series. Shiraz Uppal Rafaqat Ali Khan. Portal templates with all redlinked portals.

Shuja Haider Shuja Haider. Hadiqa Kiani performed a rendition of Sufi poetry by Bulleh Shah.

Tribute to the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Allah Hu was also rebroadcast on the last episode of the first season. The series also ran for longer, this time there were five episodes in total and in each episode there were five or more performances by the featuring artists. The song was much praised. Shiraz Uppal Mehwish Hayat.

List of Coke Studio (Pakistan) episodes

Hina Nasrullah Amanat Ali. Strings also made an appearance in the song Us Rah Par.

Urdu, Hindavi and Kailasha. The house band saw Sanam Saeed and Saba Shabbir leaving the band and the rest of the house band remained unchanged. Season was revived under the tagline of The Sound of Nation. Strings and Hussain Baskhsh Gullo performed a duet for the song Dhaani. Also, the second season featured Ali Zafar and Strings performing for the second time at Coke Studio as they were also part of the first season.

Kaavish Quratulain Balouch. Rohail Hyatt continued as the executive producer along with Umber Hyatt as the producer of the show. Manan Fateh Ali provided eastern classical vocals in collaboration with Mizraab for the song Kuch Hai. Noori along with Zeb and Haniya performed a duet for the song Tann Dolay. Additionally, the song received overwhelming response from both critics and the audience.

Ahmed Jahanzeb Umair Jaswal. The final episode also featured two new artists, Strings who also performed in season one and Arieb Azhar.

Quratulain Balouch Haroon Shahid. Also, it had a rap song which was also received well by audiences. Originally performed by Alamgir and Musarrat Nazir. Shuja Haider Quratulain Balouch.

International band Krewella had also starred in this season. The third season featured five episodes which are titled as Reason, Will, Conception, Form and Realisation, respectively. Strings also directed three songs, while also being producers of Coke Studio. Following is the list of its episodes released till the date along with the songs and singers in correspondence with the seasons and its respective episodes.

The song was a tribute to the Pakistan Army as well as to those who lost their lives during the partition of India. The season began airing its weekly episodes Saturdays and releasing all episodes digitally on Fridays a day prior to its original broadcast.

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Ali Zafar Ali Hamza Strings. Coke Studio returns with its eleventh edition. Jaffar Ali Zaidi and Javed Iqbal stayed on keyboards and violin respectively whereas Gumby remained as the drummer of the show.

For the first time, transgenders performed in the platform. Junaid died in a plane crash. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sahir Ali Bagga Aima Baig. Jaffer Ali Zaidi also left the show and was replaced by Mubashir Admani. Rohail Hyatt returned as the executive producer along with Umber Hyatt as the producer of the show. The production team included Rohail Hyatt as the executive producer along with Umber Hyatt being the producer of the show.

Coke Studio Special is part of the Coke Studio video web blog series which included special features such as unreleased performances from the second season of the show. This series also featured some well-known guest musicians which included, flutist Baqir Abbas, Sagar Veena player Noor Zehra and Sadiq Sameer playing the rubab. Hamayoon Khan covered a famous Pushto folk song fusing it with pop music. This series also saw an increase in the number of musicians in the house band.

Many of the singers returned while many of them are made their debuts. It aired a weekly episode every Sunday on various channels across Pakistan. Meesha Shafi covered a classical folk song Chori Chori originally sung by Reshma. Humaira Channa Nabeel Shaukat Ali. Baageshri is the very first instrumental song performed at Coke Studio by an artist.

Only Abida featured as a vocalists, Ustad Rais was a special artist featuring as a sitarist. Ustaad Naseer-ud-din Saami performed a classical folk song Mundari. Aamir last time appeared in the song Naina Moray before he died of a cardiac arrest.

Rohail Hyatt and his wife Umber Hyatt remained as the producers of the show. Natasha De Souza and Naseer-ud-din Wasif served as production team members. Faakhir Zebunnisa Bangash. Tribute to the composer Master Inayat Hussain.

This was the first time in the history of Coke Studio that six musicians served as music directors. Junaid Khan Momina Mustehsan. Momina Mustehsan Danyal Zafar.

Coke Studio Pakistan Lists of Pakistani television series episodes. Coke Studio is a Pakistani television series featuring live music performances. The second series of Coke Studio included notable differences from the first series, rebel full movie including the fact that the live audiences were excluded. They decided to stop adopting this format after this season.

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Rohail Hyatt and Umber Hyatt continued as producers of the show. The final episode featured seven performances in one episode for the first time. Naeem Abbas Rufi Meesha Shafi. Quratulain Balouch Farhan Saeed. Strings stopped producing and Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi turned out to be the producers.

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Episodes - Season 10 - Coke Studio Pakistan