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Dating a turkish muslim man praying, about Heina Dadabhoy

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About Heina Dadabhoy

Then talk to your family about your decision and make sure they understand it is your decision and you are not being forced or pressured in anyway.

He sounds like he really believes he is not playing games. Now, this week he calls and asked me why I did not come over his place yet.

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What should I do if my partner is insisting on me converting? Overall it has to be your decision and that you want to convert to Islam, if you are being pressured or forced you need to ask some serious questions and decide if this relationship is right for you.

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He tells me if I leave him alone and don't call maybe he will miss me. At the same time treat him as you would want to be treated. Then he said there was a lot going on and he was stressing over all of it. What does everybody else think? If it is something you want to consider take time to learn all you can and make an informed decision.

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He sometimes made plans with me then wouldn't show up. Since he broke up with me a month ago I have not dated anyone. He told me me that he does love me but he does not want to hurt me and to stay away.

Which I can appreciate and respect our differences but he can't do the same I guess. Am I still your girlfriend? Yet he calls me from time to time and wants us to remain friends. He does not want to get married.

Then your Turkish family will most likely organise for the Imam to come to the house you will recite a short prayer and the Imam will also say a few prayers and that is all that will happen. Turkish ex calls me from time to time and sometimes I go over to his place and spend time with him and sometimes I don't go over. He only introduced me to his cousin and will not introduce me to his friends who seem to be married to Turkish women. Living in Turkey My Turkish Husband You have met your the love of your life, thought catalog dating site he has asked you to marry him and then out of the blue bam!

He has a green card its blue. Your heart will know if he is worth it. This is a question asked over and over, will you convert to Islam before or after we marry? It doesn't work like that.

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Firstly it is Haram wrong to force anyone to convert to Islam, it goes against the Koran and no one should ever force you to convert. You both need to decided, if you will both be happy if you remain unconverted and will his family accept you.

Trust me, my heart did it for me. If you go into the relationship expecting the man to act a certain way based on his ethnic background, it could potentially backfire. Yet, he won't tell me where he goes and gets annoyed with my questions. He knows I want to be with him.

He said he was real surprised that I went out with the guy even if I didn't cheat. Because if your partner insists you convert and practise then to do so through pressure means you will be forever unhappy.

As wonderful as this may sound, do not go into the relationship expecting all Turkish men to be like this. This part I think is a bit hazy and from what I have read, they also must continue to be good Muslims and do good deeds its not exactly the golden ticket to heaven. So for women who are non Muslim marrying Muslim men there should be no pressure. So what the heck is he doing? But be prepared to live the lie forever!

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Just get to know him better.

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There Are Good Reasons to Not Date a Muslim Man - Heinous Dealings

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However, lets live in the real world, of course for some there will be pressure to convert, often it is not your partner who wishes you to convert but his family. This type of issue can eat away at a relationship and destroy it. Things going on from his life and from my family too because they aren't too approving of us.