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Two years later, things have gone south. Lee Gyeom then confronts King Jungjong almost killing him, but chooses to flee instead. The King is portrayed as paranoid to losing his throne, and losing control of government to factions. Min devises a scheme to cite her for disciplinary action, terminating her position at the university. Things escalate when Saimdang offers to draw the King's portrait, se insiste e resistir raggiungi e conquisti latino dating who recognises her to be the daughter of the deceased Shin Myung-Hwa.

At a conference, a student named Han Sang-hyun challenges her on that authenticity question, which Ji-yoon deflected, citing she needs time to ensure its authenticity. Finally, in an accident, Seo Ji-yoon and Saimdang meet in an undetermined world. Saimdang, in her despair, has a strange vision. She is about to finish her PhD, supervised by renowned professor Min Jung-hak, which would ultimately lead to a faculty position at the university. Despite having to raise a family and working tirelessly to make ends meet, Saimdang revives her dormant artistic talents, becoming a renowned painter.

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It seems like they are connected in some way. She denies her old feelings, claiming she has forgotten about them, but Gyeom has not. Meanwhile, in present timeline, Seo Ji-yoon feels strange things about the portrait of Saimdang.

She also has a good family life, with supportive husband Jung Min-seok, a wealthy businessman, and mother-in-law Kim Jung-hae. Min Chi-Hyung is exiled for his numerous crimes, with Choi Wheiumdang having to find a way to rescue her husband. The diary also sheds light about Saimdang, who not only strongly resembles Ji-yoon but seems to be intricately linked to her. Saimdang meets and falls in love with Lee Gyeom, a member of the royal family, while enjoying the life of a commoner and an artist as well. At that time, despite her youth, Shin Saimdang quickly gains a reputation as a talented artist yet notoriously daring girl, going as far as climbing walls to sneak into other people's houses.

However, Ji-yoon's discoveries seem to doubt the authenticity of the painting. She showcased her versatility in two successful, but very different series. The head of the royal guards, who is fond of Uiseong and disagreed with the King's execution order, lets the supporters go ahead and free him.

Lee opined that those issues weren't a big deal, and had only been magnified by the show's popularity. But would become Lee's breakout year. Eventually, Saimdang and her group of drifters are able to recreate the formula for the lost Goryeo paper, making her and the drifters wealthy.

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Who is Dong-Wook Lee dating? Dong-Wook Lee girlfriend, wife

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Lee Gyeom, after travelling the world, returns to Hanyang, only to find that King Jungjong now distrusts him. As there would be no excuse for this action, the guard chooses to commit suicide. Using the stage name Lee Da-hae, she began to appear in minor and supporting roles in television dramas. Ji-yoon's answer casts doubt on the art world, humiliating Min Jung-hak, who opts to quickly sabotage her career path in retaliation. En route on the road to execution, a group of Lord Uiseong's supporters confront the royal guards, attempting to break Lee Gyeom free.

After his wife stages a scheme to rescue Princess Jeongsun, Min Chi-Hyung is set free, but now winds up living a commoner's life as former officers scorn him. He meets up with Saimdang, fulfilling their dream of drawing the Geumgangsando together. She now lives with her mother in Seoul while her father and brother still reside in Sydney.

Their love quickly blossoms, ultimately with Lee Gyeom asking Shin Myung-hwa for his daughter's hand in marriage. Throughout her adolescence, she performed traditional Korean dance many times in front of small audiences in Australia. Despite being amassing great wealth, Saimdang's marriage is falling apart, both from her husband having an affair and her sole focus on painting. Ji-yoon reveals to Saimdang that Lee Gyeom managed to stay alive and escaped to Italy, which encourages Saimdang to stage an assault to rescue him.

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She returned to the romantic comedy genre in with Hello!