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We had breakfast included with our room and it was excellent. Their romantic ruins are a wonderful complement to pretty coastal towns such as Vlora or more lively spots such as the seafood mecca Saranda. Yet Albania has deep roots, back to when it was the Ancient Greek colony of Ilyria, with important cities such as Apollonia and Butrint. It had a very nice and comfort environment. Under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, it developed into a major commercial centre known as Argyropolis Silver City.

You will love this place as much as we do. Go now before the developers spoil the magic. Known by many as the City of Stone, Gjirokastra is a developing centre for cultural heritage tourism. The sea panorama, the variety of flora, favored by the soft climate and warm sea waters, make Saranda the preferred center for rest and recreation and an important tourist town.

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Food in Fishop restaurant at Drymades Resort its very good, Fish and sea food it was delicious. Here on the Drymades beach, every day is exciting. Hotel Imperial Ksamil Sitting close to both the pleasant buzz of Saranda and the historic Unesco World Heritage wonders of Butrint, this is a perfect mix of beach and culture. Atdhe, free bride dating Albania The beach is wonderful and good food.

Choose your perfect package plan Title. The location can be very good if you are working somewhere on the south side. Unsurprisingly, it is a hotspot for holidaying locals. Saranda has an excellent climate, averaging sunny days a year. It was captured in by the Albanian-born Ali Pasha, who carved out his own semi-autonomous fiefdom in the southwestern Balkans.

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Make sure you ask for coffee and customized eggs. Maryanna, Canada The breakfast was awesome, the reception girl was awesome and behaved great with us. The Director of the Front Office reached out in advance of our stay to introduce himself.

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The bay on which town is build gives Saranda its charming look, that can be better appreciated if approached from the sea. While plenty of locals head here in high season, it is long enough to find a quiet spot. Restaurant Spend your dining experiences at the best restaurants, combining a blend of the world's sea food flavors.

Miranda, United States of America It is a vey nice area, with a beautiful garden, very relaxing for the evening and with a very nice view. The coastal road to Vlore is also wonderful. From feudal stronghold to Ottoman jewel to Italian colony, the city has known many rulers and has inspired poets, authors and artists.

The place and the nature was marvelous and breathtaking. Albania is evolving after decades under a communist dictatorship Bunec Some may be put off by this being a pale pebbly strand, but it has a genuinely distinctive charm. Cicero mentions it as convenient harbor with favorable winds. Calmness good for family vacations.

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Enkes, United States of America It was fairly comfortable and at least a good location at the beach. Artik, Breakfast, restaurant in general, staff, location, and beach were excellent! The front desk was very accommodating with details that we needed to get sorted out. It is a fantastic spot to combine seaside pleasures with nature tourism. Zamir, Australia The Resort location is amazing, Nice and comfortable room.

Honeymooners traditionally spend their holidays here. Helpful and friendly staff. Despite being one of the greatest classical cities of the Mediterranean, Butrint remains largely unknown. Would head back and would hope price per night would reduce if you stayed longer than a few days.

Dominated by the sheer flanks of its vast castle, Gjirokastra is a magical city with a tumultuous past.

The city was finally abandoned during the Middle Ages perhaps due to the marsh surrounding and subsequent malaria epidemic. The only thing i dislike was the poor breakfast and for such e price they should improve it. Butrint was an ancient city throughout Greek, Roman, bishopric and Byzantine periods.

The staf is very polite abd helpful. Saranda is an old town, first settled by the Illyrian tribe of Chaonians who named it Onchesmus. Welcome to the Albanian Riviera. Not being able to speak the local language makes problem solving difficult and he was patient with assisting us. Pool Our pool follows and becomes one with the coastal horizon.

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