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While accompanying Scrooge in his search for silver, Mrs. However, Louie panics and uses the shrink-ray on Gyro to silence him. Flintheart Glomgold and Professor Bluebottle.

For the original episodes, nikon d7000 user manual see DuckTales episode list. List of DuckTales characters. Treasure of the Lost Lamp is a feature film based on DuckTales. This article is about the episodes of the series.

You can help by adding to it. Glomgold and the Beagle Boys attempt to make sure Scrooge does not win the contest on his way to Macaroon. Launchpad is convinced by Starling to help him get rid of Drake so he can star in the movie, but changes his mind upon finding Drake is a genuine fan. At the sleepover, Lena gets suspicious of Violet and tries to warn Webby.

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Scrooge and the boys go to Scrooge's oil wells to find out why they ran dry. Scrooge, who arrives to take Dewey back, then makes up with Past and they all go back to the present to spend Christmas with the others. Afterwards, Louie realizes his mistakes and disbands the business, giving the harpies to Scrooge to use as workers at a lemonade company after realizing their potential. The three girls become friends, with Lena warming up to Violet.

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Meanwhile, Donald attempts to relax, but keeps getting interrupted by his family's adventures. Meanwhile, Webby, Launchpad, and Mrs. Inflation shoots up the roof when duplicating coins caused by the nephews spread through Duckburg.

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When Storkules appears in Duckburg, Louie recruits him to start a monster fighting business. Meanwhile, Lena struggles to gain Mrs. Scrooge loses the new combination for his vault to a lemming that the boys and Webby got him as a pet. The Beagle Boys become the latest music sensation in Duckburg, much to Scrooge's chagrin. While out on a fishing trip, Webby and Louie meet Duke Baloney whom they realize is Flintheart Glomgold who is actually stricken with amnesia.

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Magica DeSpell and the Beagle Boys. With Huey and Webby's help, Fenton woos a punk rock scientist, only to uncover her dangerous plans for Gizmoduck. But the jealous high-priest unleashes a mummy to destroy Donald, and it's up to Scrooge and the boys to save him. She promises to be the best mom she can be, and the boys embrace her. Dewey, feeling ignored, sneaks into the pirate ship to get his alpaca wool hat back.


Accidentally starting the rocket, Donald sends himself into space, while Della is back in Duckburg. Meanwhile, Dewey struggles to keep his search for Della a secret from Huey and Louie. Scrooge learns that a pearl he bought will grant him infinite wisdom once he takes it back to its homeland. However, their claim was taken by John D.

The Treasure of the Golden Suns. The series aired in syndication.

Nogood, wants to wipe out the world's money supply. To make it up to him, the family and Storkules sends him on a vacation.

The boys track a missing artifact across Duckburg, Scrooge and Webby stall a warrior looking for it with a phony quest. Huey competes with Dewey for a coveted internship with Duckburg's newest tech billionaire, Mark Beaks, while Scrooge and Glomgold team up to take this new competitor down.

Four additional episodes were produced for its short final season, totaling for the series. Louie attempts to start his own business but doesn't know what the business should be.

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Though she made one wish, to free the genie so they could marry. As Della rebuilds her ship, Penumbra becomes convinced Della's planning an attack. With Huey and Webby's help, Fenton woos a punk rock scientist, only to uncover her dangerous plans for Gizmoduck, courtesy of her secret employer, Mark Beaks. While Della intends to become a great mom, her efforts at both adjusting to her new surroundings and connecting with the boys, which unknown to her is proving to be more troublesome than expected. Penguins and the Wooly Walrus.

On the Moon, Della fixes the Spear of Selene with the help of the Moonlanders, and promises to bring them to Earth with her. Things get worse when the whole group ends up traveling backwards in time and end up meeting pirates.

Della is reunited with her family, but is having a tough time readjusting to Earth. As the boys track a missing artifact across Duckburg, Scrooge and Webby stall the warrior looking for it with a phony quest. Scrooge and the boys track down a lost play of the famed playwright William Drakespeare. Scrooge meets up with Glittering Goldie again in order to acquire land filled with golden trees from her.

Duckworth coaches the Junior Woodchucks in a baseball game. After the Beagles get GizmoDuck to steal Scrooge's fortune for them and land Scrooge in jail, the nephews work to save the day and manage to get hold of the remote control. Penumbra, wanting her people to stay, decides to activate the launch sequence, forcing Della to take off alone. Ken Koonce and David Weimers. El Capitan and the Beagle Boys.

Scrooge gets his newly acquired treasure looted by Captain Don Karnage Jaime Camil and his show tune-singing sky pirate crew. Beakley, Louie, Dewey and Launchpad, who became paranoid and thinks Dewey is a mole-man.

List of DuckTales episodes

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Beakley first met while she helps Scrooge rescue her granny from the clutches of rival spy Black Heron. Scrooge misuses an alien size-shifting device, and accidentally ends up shrinking himself, the boys, and Webby, to the size of ants. Working together, they find an image of The Spear of Selene. Seeking respect from other members of Duckburg's elite, Scrooge hunts down a mask he gave away, while other people hunt him down.


Louie accidentally spends Scrooge's Number One Dime and turns to mad inventor Gyro Gearloose for help to get it back, while Dewey and Webby become entangled in a conspiracy. In the end, the two reconcile and discover that the creatures are real. Scrooge is framed for stealing a painting from Glomgold's art gallery and sent to Aquatraz. Scrooge acquires a magical harp that can determine if someone was lying or not.