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Ije nae mameun neoman neukkyeojakku gaseumsoge seoseongineun ne moseup. Soneul ppeodeumyeon daheul deut hae. Just like fate, each day gets filled with you. You came to me without a word. Carry on carry on carry on carry on-wo-eo eo eo neoreul saranghae.

Saranghae nae unmyeong gateun neo. You keep pacing through my heart.

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Descargar Musica escuchar musica/faith ost Mp3

Sojunghan ne pumsogeseo harureul salgo sipeo. Mareobsi dagaon ne moseup. Saranghae- uuu- ye- wo- eo eo heo saranghae-.

Now only you are in my eyes. Salmyeosi seumyeodeun ne sumgyeol. When the time is coming, roshni se mp3 I'll make my dream come true. Hamkke kkumkkumyeo saranghallae.

About Me Andi Suryono Unknown. Jeongmal geojitmalcheoreom. If I extend my hand, it seems like I can touch you. Gateun gonggansoge ppajyeodeulgo isseo nan.

It already feels like a thousand years has passed. Sum swineun geu sunganbuteo.


Machi unmyeongcheoreom muldeureogan haruneun.

The moment you started to breathe. Nae simjangi doebeorin neo. Gateun sigan soge utgo inneun neol bomyeon. Ije nae nunen neoman isseo.

In the same space, I am falling for you. Now only you can feel my heart.

Your breath softly touches me. Imi cheonnyeoneul jinandeutae.

Faith OST (Main Theme)Paloma Faith The Architect (Zeitgeist Edition) (2018)