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Styled by Simon Rasmussen. Has your weight loss freed you up to experiment more with your style?

Via email, he tells us what inspired him to hit the gym, what keeps him motivated, and what he really thinks about fashion in hip-hop these days. It is hard to imagine spending years locked away from the general public and not coming out changed.

Louis Baragona Louis is a New York-based writer focusing on style, gear and grooming. The Shocking Power of Awe. But the irony is that he's become and remained untouchably cool in part because his legal troubles prevented him from maximizing that potential, which means they kept him from becoming Jay-Z. Soon as I land, it's like everybody else is, like, ready to work. Let us propose a champagne toast, pinky rings gleaming, to the new, same old Sophisticated Wop.

It's like, Damn, look at that building! He started out his career as a performer, but he ended up behind the scenes.

Do you have plans to tour? What do you look for in a piece? You gotta be so responsible. What do you think of fashion in hip-hop right now?

And by that we definitely mean beautiful and glamorous, but we didn't expect what was to come. But he's got a two-year plan.

That's what's so affecting about the Guwop-in-a-lagoon video. It's hard to be on probation and travel. You can learn so much about a person when you see how they present themselves to the world.

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Eventually a concerned friend called the police. Once I stopped drinking that, the weight began to fall off immediately. As The Shade Room noted, the reactions were polarizing, falling everywhere from love to hate. This time was no different as they were cuddled up wearing Fendi outfits. How many invitations do you have to buy to spend that much money, you ask?

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Not mentioned, though, is the fact that tattoos fade over time. Babe what u got up ur sleeve? The day before, Gucci rocked a more muted outfit in comparison, this time a pair of polka-dot shorts and a matching shirt, which he left unbuttoned. There were also some pretty hilarious memes, compliments, and observations in the mix. But do they really miss highway-passenger-ejecting, over-the-head-champagne-bottle-smashing, parole-violating-Guwop?

When I see him in Miami, he's been working on his fifth post-prison release, which he's calling The Evil Genius. People love to see tragedy. My workouts consist of boxing, working out with weights, and I do a lot of cardio.

Main Fashion Beauty Living. It also took a sword to slice it. Tom Brady's Sleek Dad Sneakers. As if a change in diet, lesser access to prescription cough syrup, and a whole lot of down time could not be enough cause for the transformation.

It swiftly welcomed an outpouring of opinions after the rapper posted photos of his fit on Instagram. If they do, then that would imply that they are looking forward to another long hiatus from Mr. The rapper wore that exact outfit for a day of relaxation at the Four Seasons of Orlando at Disney World.

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Keyshia and Gucci are always stunting on Instagram with the latest fashions. What is your workout routine? My favorite place in the world is always standing right next to u! Being confined in the house all of the time, it was finally good to get back on the stage and see all of the artists I have been recording with for years. This original outfit garnered less reaction than its proceeding floral set, but still was pretty polarizing, especially when considering how few men tend to rock large amounts of polka dots.

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Much of that material is rapped in a voice furred by intoxication, and a lot of it is pretty dark. My wife keyshiakaoir changed my life man. Fans have noticed that the tattoo appears to be gone.

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Grooming by Heather Blaine at Creative Management. So with the time I was away, I decided I was going to lose weight so I could be able to wear all the brands that I really like. What were some of the hardest things to cut out of your diet? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Besides them flexing their riches all over Instagram, their ride-or-die love for one another is a bond that every husband and wife should have.

Income from trapping paved over the rough patches in an early career complicated almost immediately by Gucci's legal entanglements, which, in chicken-or-egg fashion, were mostly due to trapping. Toward the end of our conversation, I broach the clone thing, asking if Gucci himself feels like a different person since his release from jail. Gucci began selling weed in seventh grade and slinging crack outside a Texaco station the following year, latest adobe reader software yet still managed to graduate from Ronald E. Gucci Mane is living his best life.

But his biggest impact may be intangible, aesthetic, spiritual. Babe I want u to know I preciate you so much! His grandfather was a former U.

Are you going back into the studio? Georgia's Most Wanted, was probably not his shrewdest move. Checkin out this fine Lil thang!