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Don't get me wrong, I love this idea and it has been discussed within the team. Bear in mind that all of this is very much still a work in progress and in an early discussion stage. As playing like a team is not easy feat, is like raiding in WoW with randoms Casuals will check the game, instantly give up and those who stay will never become equal to dedicated players. Back-dooring can certainly be obnoxious, but it's usually counter-able with vigilance and strategic game-play.

You can't compare assassins like jaina with no engage or disengage potentials with melee assassins like Thrall or Butcher with self heals and tons of damage with good gap close. Often Nova and Zeratul teamed up to kill in duo. That is correct I completely understand your concerns, and they are things we continuously consider. More often than not, I see them stick all the specialists on one team, and all the assassins on the other.

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We're currently in the process of resolving this issue, which takes priority over feature development. Just look at the response this blog post had and you will understand that there's still a lot of work to be done. However, when we make changes to the matchmaker, we validate our changes across historical data for the the population to understand the impact of the changes. Just now the balance is much better, but the queues are much longer in return.

This is something we've discussed internally. There are complications, and many differing opinions, but it's something we're considering for next year. Firstly, the Movement Speed change was in fact intended to change the game and how many interactions work. When and how do you plan to fix them? This change also resolved an edge-case scenario, online dating motivation in which players with extremely high skill ratings could occasionally be matched with or against one or more low-ranked players.

  • In the insult wars that ensue, no one is right and yet no one is wrong.
  • There are pros and cons with hero swaps, particularly for less experienced players that may be pressured to select heroes they are unfamiliar with for the promise of swapping later.
  • For example ppl bashing infinite ammo.

There is fear of losing, being a loser and time consuming learning curve. It is absolutely the devs fault for the poor matchmaker. Typically he is only played in certain niches. Are you planning on making that information available somewhere handy such as in-game?

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Few months ago, you made the good call with removal the additionnal armor. We've also developed tools that strengthen our ability to predict and understand the far-reaching implications of the changes that we want to make. They tried way too hard to duplicate the success of brood war, free us which was something that just happened. We instead wanted to create an interesting moment where the next ladder season would utilize this battleground for its entirety.

We are constantly simultaneously testing many different things, and just like any of them it was done in cycles. And you know what games play casuals? You can start posting your questions right now, and we'll see you on Thursday!

  1. As someone who was there when it was released, I know for a fact that you guys turned it off because of a separate, unrelated issue with ranked, and stated that you'd bring it back.
  2. This would result in sometimes you being pulled into these matches being made at another players cutoff point.
  3. All this said, we are also very aware that there will be some balance fallout from it.
  4. It can still be painful having so many specialists vs a balanced team, but I think many people forget that specialists can zone control and level pretty well.
  5. Also the queue times were far shorter.
  6. We do have separate, dedicated teams focusing on each area of the game, so releasing a new Hero or a new skin does not take away attention from matchmaking or other feature work.
Hero League

HotS Patch - Matchmaking update

So you pick Medivh and don't understand why people are yelling at you to stop split pushing. Why is Hero League seeded from Quickmatch, when they are fundamentally different game modes? Daily and working are so so many people not easy banned from hero league as part of the right now be more competitive.

Hots matchmaking terrible

Of course, this doesn't help always, and assumes you have at least players that don't cry or bitch all the time. We do have plans to include hero swaps into draft phases for ranked play, but we don't have a timeline for when we'd expect that to come online. It may explain things a lot better than I or others do. Rag is an awful first pick in any draft environment, but who cares, you're gonna get a loot box after this game.

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However, we have to be careful because if we get too heavy-handed, it could hurt the experience for legitimate players. Matchmaking is an area of game development that is incredibly challenging and perpetually evolving, not just for Heroes of the Storm, but for all games. That is probably what you were experiencing, and we agree that this wasn't the best experience for the player. We have talked about these issues before here.

Cho'Gall with Cho's armor. For example, in the current version if you're trying to stop a boss from getting your keep, the pilot is over twice as good. This will make it easier for others to read through the thread, and will help the devs focus on one question at a time. Being able to queue for multiple modes is an interesting idea and compelling. Tassadar is someone the balance team has talked about.

HotS Patch - Matchmaking update - Millenium

Speaking of which - we're always looking to hire talented Server Engineers to join the Heroes team and help support matchmaking as well as other feature development. The lack of shields on the core was done intentionally because of the format's reduced hero death timers. Ultimately, we do want to increase participation in Team League.

What are your plans for Tyrande's talent tree? Does it really help a talent to upgrade a very short cooldown to an even shorter cooldown, when the spell is limited by casting animation? Adam had responded to a thread the other day, but he plans on making some changes to help address a lot of your concerns here - Elune's Chosen and Celestial Attunement are specifically on his radar! We now provide movement speed via other talents, where appropriate. Wilfred's tenebrous care, pubg at higher ranks, the first phase of days, free singles dating this is single woman.

Hero League

Smurfs can queue together in Team League and completely dominate the game. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Though to be fair, I've also had no waiting at all. We are always looking to iterate on changes we make to Rating and Ranked Decay. Once we are in a place where we think and hopefully you also think!

Newer players feel that matchmaking distribution that has it's own matchmaking hots. Reasons why HotS failed to become popular? We have stopped playing hots in the matchmaker the matchmaking, but you notice that matchmaking broken and matchmaking is a moba game alltogether. Matchmaking issues apart from Hero League which is perfect.

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Its at this guy for custom leagues with this. For me frankly it was never popular enough to begin with. So why would I need to spend money? Every weekend, ww dating site and running yet?

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