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Some gently rhythmic stuff as well. Melodic, easy-listening music by this musician. Ambient project from Barcelona with an unusual, warm, cosmic and hypnotic sound, a bit Cluster -like in places. Therefore, I consider this album The Endless Now to be a remarkable achievement.

Ambient and deep Space Music. German guitar player Jan Weissenfeldt. Ballet music from this Australian flutist. He often performed in a space suit, presaging the image of groups like Daft Punk by almost a decade.

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As far as I'm concerned, Jean Robitaille from Quebec is mostly known for his jazzy elevator muzak. Richard, pes 2012 malaysia patch pc Jean-Pierre France.

His music is often quite dark. There are also many download and split releases from this artist.

American synthesist and a giant of Ambient music. He uses vintage synthesizers to sculpt retro-futuristic repetitive soundscapes with sequencers. November Stars features long tracks of darkish Space Music - deep, otherworldly, flowing, gently rhythmic and echoing. Droning soundscapes from Palermo.

Spheric Music - Das Label f r Elektronische Musik

He has a huge discography and is a pretty ambient, droney affair most of the time. This music mixes bombastic orchestral stuff with more ambient material, much in the way that Uruk-Hai from Austria does it. In general, these albums are much less experimental compared to what he did in various collaborations before starting his solo career.

In fact, it is very inviting and warm, without being sweet or new-agey. It is a theater piece with some interesting electronic arrangements.

This is really scary, moody stuff. Quirky, ambient sound with shades of Cluster and Neu! However, they started out as a punk-influenced band and have also done completely electronic stuff. Some collaborative stuff with Hal McGee is also interesting.

Roman Empire Czech Republic. Gutterballs soundtrack Star Vehicle soundtrack. Various effects and cricket sounds can be heard in the background, which give it a nocturnal atmosphere.

All of them play Roland synthesizers and piano and there are also a drummer and a double bass player. Rob Knetsch's solo project. The dramatic moments do return a couple of times but never really reach any peak. Huge sound here, with piano, analog synths galore and even some guitars.

Regottaz, Jean-Stephan France. Michel Robidoux is a composer from Quebec who seems to be heavily involved in writing scores for theatre performances. Melodic music between Jarre and Tangerine Dream.

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Supposedly, traditional electronics, although pretty repetitive. He sometimes uses guitars, resulting in a somewhat grating, post-rock infused sound, but mostly resorts to synthesizers with music that ranges in mood from neutral to emotionally-charged.

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So the main reason for inclusion is historic - these records feature some rare instruments, like the Buchla Touche, for instance, used on Future Travel. This immediately brought mutual friendship and collaboration. David Lanz is one of the guest players here. Droning ambient compositions. Melodic, jazzy music played with digital instruments of the time.

More or less classic formula synthesist. He built his first synthesizer in and has been playing around with sounds ever since.

Jean michel jarre equinoxe mp3Gold compact disc

Spheric Music - Das Label f r Elektronische Musik

Ambient artist with elements of dungeon synth. Swedish synth drone duo of Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt.

Minimal floating synthetics. Electronic Music, supposedly in Klaus Schulze style. Italian percussionist and multi-instrumentalist.

Robert's latest collaboration with British synthesist Ian Boddy is said to be a great journey through thickly textued ambient rhythms, captivating atmospheres and great sound effects. Slow rhythms, synths and ambient soundscapes from Sven Piayda. Redundant Rocker, The Germany.

Instead, I am reminded of frippertronics-like stuff mixed with World Music percussion and jazz influences by means of trumpet playing. It has that punky, Heldon vibe to it sometimes reminding also on Suicide and some vocals. Melodic music with a huge piano presence.