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He found her very cautious and self-conscious and maybe that was why she was reluctant to be with him. He believes that the first meeting and that the first impression is very important.

However, in a November interview he clarified what was going on between them. He loves to play basketball and bowling in his free time. Despite an initial lukewarm reception, the group's breakthrough the following year and their consistent popularity have made them one of the biggest and most bankable boy bands in the world. He loves to take dorky selfies. This feat was a first for a South Korean artist.

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Behind-the-scenes videos also showed the couple ad-libbing a kiss scene. The fans have absolutely no opinions regarding his love life. He likes girls who are nice and he wants someone who is gentle and who would be compatible.

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Ideal Dating Situation Although Nam Joo Hyuk has talked about his ideal date he has never revealed in any interview what his ideal dating situation would be. He also added that they who were the same age as him, but refused to reveal any other details. The label followed with releases from artists such as Perry, ready to use dating website Swi.

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Who is Ji-hyun Jun dating? Ji-hyun Jun boyfriend, husband

The conclusion of the reality series saw the formation of Winner. He even considers Park Soo Jin as his ideal type but nothing more than that. He is very much attracted to people who are physically appealing. It does not help that he has not been spotted in any revealing situation! He said that it is quite tough to explain his ideal type but besides a pretty face, he needs to feel something for her when they first meet.