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Yet, there has never been a definite answer. The year-old with the foppish curls has admitted to flirting with fans in the past.

For those just getting up to speed on the group, here's a quick primer, complete with what teen fans are saying and what adults need to know. Before One Direction, he was lead singer of a group called White Eskimo.

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Then, judge Nicole Scherzinger made the genius suggestion that they form a band during the bootcamp stage of the competition. Perhaps it's Horan's Irish charm, which has put him ahead of Styles in the sales of dolls made in the band's likeness.

Worst Fear For some reason that goes unexplained, Liam fears spoons. He has two turtles and loves chocolate maltesers. She often flies out so I see her a lot. But fans may be disappointed to learn that the year-old has been spotted recently canoodling with a year-old college student, Amy Green.

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Future Fact He has made a claim that he would never go solo since he enjoys being in a band so much. It is said that he is the romantic and most thoughtful out of the group, One Direction.

That makes them the first British band to have both their first and second albums debut at No. It is said that the D may stand for his ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer. After all, he is still a teenager! Nevertheless, he enjoys cooking.

He is currently dating Leona Lewis despite their age difference. When it comes to the personal life of the singer, bowser s kingdom shy guy dating Liam Payne has been linked with singer Leona Lewis and dancer Danielle Peazer in the past while he is currently dating Sophia Smith.

He said it would be boring if he was alone. Lets just hope it will be awhile until he starts having a family. Now, an older generation is taking notice.

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Liam Payne Beat Boxing

And they've earned some serious cred from the royalty of British bands, the Rolling Stones. We see each other when we can. Tattoo You He has a letter D tattooed on his left hand. This makes it difficult to not come across at least one spoon.

Since then, the band has gone on to release a few more albums and Liam has played a key role in their development. Some more facts about Liam Payne He prefers to sleep naked.

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