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Inspects, repairs, adjusts, and replaces, or supervises these actions, on components and subcomponents. Performs inspections and operates special vehicles.

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Monitors or operates fault display, checkout panels, and test stands to detect system and component malfunctions.

Repairs or supervises maintenance of accessories and components of direct support and real-property installed equipment. Evaluates malfunctions and recommends corrective action. Freedom from fear of heights.

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Practices and supervises safety procedures when handling nitrogen, liquid fuels, oxidizers, and ordnance devices. Specialty requires routine access to Top Secret material or similar environment. Performs acquisition and activation activities. Analyzes support facility and equipment malfunctions, and determines operational readiness. Operates and maintains related equipment.

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Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment. Initiates unsatisfactory reports, failure reports, or proposed modifications.

Prepares missile and launch facility for simulated launch and follow-on test and evaluation. Mechanically and electrically connects or disconnects reentry systems, guidance and control sections, missile stages, propulsion systems, socialsoft dating divas and secondary ordnance devices at the launch facility.

Solves interface problems between electrical and electronic equipment. Supervises or performs preventive maintenance inspections. Performs facility and support equipment tests, adjustments, and maintenance.

Performs missile maintenance actions at flightline, railhead, support base, and launch, launch control, and storage facilities, and ensures compliance with international treaties. Coordinates and oversees activities of contractor personnel during space launch activities. Supervises space lift booster, and payload systems maintenance and launch processing. Tests electrical circuits and security, gas detection and fire warning systems, and auxiliary power equipment for readiness. Troubleshoots and resolves anomalies associated with laboratory systems and experiments.