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Vallem Thetti Pullem Thetti. The trailer is very attractively done, and it do make a very positive impact over the audience. But many accidents are human made, this is what the movie is all about.

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Saronnu Vannatte vanna vanna vannatte - business man malayalam songs download. Haricharan started learning Carnatic music at an early age of seven under Smt. Rahat Indori, Swanand Kirkire. Jai, Sarva, android app player for pc Anjali and Ananya are in the lead roles.

This is when Babykuttan, another producer, comes into scene. Without roots there is no seed. ViragaNaraga Shree Rakshakka Maala. It shows that, the film is an excellent thriller. Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.

This superstar is wary of new thoughts and new experiments because he knows he won't fit into the changing scheme of things. Saroj bribes film associations and gets it banned. Narayan Shashaa Tirupati Bela Shende. Pathinezhinte poonkaralil paadathu poovittethenthaanu.

The film is directed by the hit maker S. This film show us, accidents can happen irrespective to the place and situation we are. Without seeing you, woman's heart is frantic.

Meanwhile, the income tax department raids his premises and starts prosecution proceedings for tax evasion. The film was mainly shot in Chennai and Kochi. Sharukh and his crew is having a very high expectation about this film.

Athinavaneetha Abhinayaraja GokulaBaala Kotiprakasha. But Dr Saroj Kumar forces the directors to cater to his thoughts. Saroj is tense about this, and he drinks a lot acting in a different manner. He helps Alex Samuel and Pachalam Bhasi to resume their project. Even the sky seen daily, seems untrue.

Madhavettanennum Mookkin Thumbilanu kopam. The meaning of this name was clear, when the movie ended.

Without you, I no longer exist. Saroj Kumar is disappointing, to say the least.

Mozhikalum Mounangalum (Duet Version)

Saroj Kumar tries to cancel the film in many ways but it is successfully completed and is well received by the audiences. Paresh C Palicha of Rediff. The film was shot mainly in Chennai and Kochi.

Did you all like the song videos being uploaded in youtube. Second Show Malayalam Songs Download.

Sreenivasan reprises the character of Superstar Saroj Kumar from the original. Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru. Farhan Akthar is the director of the movie. To unite with you, I played a hundred dramas. Shweta Mohan Shankar Mahadevan.

Mazhaneer thullikal nin thanuneer muthukal. Sethu Mahadevan, and then from stalwarts like K.

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Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju. The thought of the film came to us when we started thinking about what should be happening to a superstar like Saroj Kumar at this point of time.

Home Malayalam Hindi Tamil. Baghavathipuram Songs Download. Without root there is no seed.

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The film ends a silhouette showing the film's timeline and Saroj's failure and Alex Samuel, along with Shyam celebrating the success of the film. Sleep now because of Kannan alone.

As the characters are already known to the viewers, the expectations could be huge. Magical thief kannaa kanna. Chembazhukka nalla chambazhukka.

Priyanka Chopra is performing in this one. Ethu munpu naam pranayardhramay paraya. Even the dreams of my heart give no pleasure. All this makes the character very exciting. Saroj Kumar Teaser poster.

Kunkuma poovithalil - Download. Haricharan performing at an event. Atta Kathi Songs Download. But never mind, neither the trailer nor the songs make a good movie, but its the script, acting and the treatment used, makes the movie good or bad. Pachalam Bhasi, the producer, tries for a compromise, but Saroj is not ready to apologise.

He is getting old and the most challenging aspect about stardom is that once you have got it, the next question is how long it will last. It is easy to be a hero in films as even a weak person can fight with any number of goons and get applause from viewers. Alex Samuel and Pachalam Bhasi starts their new film with Shyam in the lead.