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You have to be pretty sharp to not get caught up in it, and it makes answering members or reaching out almost impossible. That's not going to happen. That mindset is discriminatory and arbitrary and capricious and just plain unprofessional. My address is Brookhurst St.

Even tried a dummy account so I could send you an email. My number is ncell or is my home. The gmail address is requesting I pay for it, why? My bank tells me that the problem is with your gateway.

With that being said OurTime. Nancy On Phone To Ourtime. Anthony On Phone To Ourtime. When I decided to go on our time I was told I could gets off anytime and now you want me to pay to get off.

Real men are very unrealistic and after sex. Anything other than the initial fee to join.

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But I can not get to them my email is micwebly aol. Expect you will release my messages after by account expires then send me notices when the recipients reply to my messages. The third experience was being asked what I did for employment to a male profile didn't have a photo. Secondly And what's with the matches from half way around the world.

Social Me dia is fantastic for exposing people like you. Of course he was widowed for four years and had a son.

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Your response was that I need to write a check. This has been a scary experience. Then I went on with my email of taylatae gmail.

The email for the account is under myclemons gmail. This mike wayne handsomemike yahoo.

What can be done about this? And if not o would appreciate if I get my money back. He told me everything I wanted to hear.

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Lied about everything from age to income. He said he was working in Indonesia and was moving back to my hometown.

Your prior records are clearly inaccurate and wrong. Any Any A link has directed you to this review. Then I called the credit card company and was told that there no problem with my card.

You are just as guilty as the company. Then ask you for money or they want phone sex. Listen to the conversation and I would be hard pressed to think you would continue to have this individual work for your company. My other question is, why cant you delete someone and how do you without deleting everyone? It is in the best interest for a complete refund.

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Or I will sue this company for a lot more money. It was paid by my daughter and don't want any reoccurring cost to her, I would rather pay as I choose to. It is very slow to connnect and jumps up and down so it is hard to read the message. Why not state the exact amount? When I try to chat, I get this message that they are offline.

And your company has taken advantage of it. It was on a stevenalanbrown windstream.

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Since, then most of the men that I have spoken to are Scammers, there are some with the same photos, but different area of the city, different age group, etc. Negative option billing is unethical.

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Net account status with stevethebeeve user name with my email sab. But I can not get to them My email address is dancewithkristin gmail.

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They have advised me to contact you to get all my info deleted from the system to avoid any further issues. The Facebook information gave a different age. Now I am ashamed to be a member with this crap ploy to try to get to information I have already paid forJudi Bolte.

You also should check the pics out as they are putting old, old pictures on of themselves. Not fair-if I do not want to post pic, I shouldn't have to, b ut should still have the right to get on with searches. Bratherton On Phone To Ourtime.

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Maybe they will straighten it out, but from what I have learned, it has been going on for a long time. At that point my checks started bouncing You provided a month. If you look at my account you will see I went on line once. Run some of the pictures through Tineye. Got lots of flirts messages.

So report again received email from or time. When I try to edit the information on my profile, college graduate dating site I get a note saying that the address I am updating to has been used. This type of dating is not for me. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. Going so far as blocking my messages from being sent to matches who have contacted me and blocking on-line chatting.