Best Restaurants in Al Hoceima, Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate Region

Rencontre al hoceima

In the s and

Since the s, many western-oriented businesses have opened in Al Hoceima, including pizza parlors, fast food restaurants and clothing stores. Its name changed from Villa Sanjurjo to Villa Alhucemas, and the few streets above the beach were still occupied by mainly Spanish soldiers and their families. Alhucema originally comes from the Arabic word Huzama. The first mayor was Florian Gómez Aroca. He named the territory Villa Sanjurjo, after himself.

After independence the

In the early s and s, when many of the city's inhabitants were poor, the small houses were all painted white and blue. It is located just below the luxurious Mohammed V hotel, which includes a tennis court, restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub.

In the early s
Later when there was financialMany return to Al Hoceima

General Sanjurjo landed with his troops on the beach of Al Hoceima during the Rif Rebellion and claimed the territory for Spain. These colors, representing the sea and sky, were considered the city's official colors.

Mais in fine une rencontre

Rencontre femme al hoceima

Later, when there was financial growth, people began painting their houses in other colors. In the s and s, the town had almost no growth in population. Mais, in fine, une rencontre, qu elle soit adultère. Many return to Al Hoceima during the summer, stimulating its economy and encouraging investment. After independence, the Moroccan government established an Arabized name for Alhucemas coming up with Al Hoceima, following standard French spelling.