Rencontre assyriologique internationale

Rencontre assyriologique internationale

The looting of antiquities has been a problem for a long time. The secretary of the Committee, Prof. The modern opportunities of digital humanities have opened up many new avenues and triggered a boost of innovative research topics, methods and findings.

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This Rencontre will serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas, presenting projects and reflecting upon the tasks and perspectives which lie ahead. This year, the lectures were divided into five parallel thematic sessions, which served the wide academic interests of the participants. Representatives from Iraq, Iran and Syria are invited to report on the situation and serve as contact persons for cooperation.

The corrections are accepted and a final one is agreed upon, to read the first sentence of Art. Detailed information can be found in the first circular. The attendees were free to move from one session to another to suit their interests.

The provisional Board will submit to the General Meeting proposals concerning possible benefits for its members, i. Marburg is a lovely university city not too far from Frankfurt. Information on the venues, travel and accommodation is provided under the section About the Conference.

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This problem has been debated in several Rencontres before and is extremely difficult to resolve. For a long time, only a few experts conducted research into these cultures. Many of the typical German style buildings with criss-crossing wooden beams, old castles, churches, and cobble stone streets look like they come out of a fairy tale. It is situated between the scenic mountains and has a river flowing through it.

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Historiography in the Cuneiform World, T. Seals and Seal Impressions, W.

Now the current events have raised awareness for this rich heritage among the broader public. Looting Besides the lectures there was a general discussion which covered the ethical issues related to working with unprovenanced material. It is decided that in the meantime W. This list covers only a small section of the full programme. As evidence for historical processes these artefacts are invaluable.

As evidence for historical processes

Present Geographically, the home of the Mesopotamian civilizations lies in the modern states of the Middle East which proudly present their rich cultural heritage and strive to preserve it. Currently, countries worldwide have agreed to this. These gatherings enabled discussions that could exceed the time given for coffee breaks. No proceedings have been published.

Given the high topicality of these developments, the focus is on taking stock of the damage and protective measures. Geburtstag Georg Friedrich Grotefends. For more than three thousand years, the Middle East was the spiritual and cultural center of the Old World and brought about groundbreaking discoveries that still shape our lives to this day.