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Rencontre kurde

You can vertically adjust the seating system, even after completion of install. The seat geometry is engineered to reduce material and energy consumption. Clear lens covers protect your number system and add a sophisticated finish. This is both considerably faster and a fraction of the cost of changing entire seats.

Horizontal Seat Adjustment The unique Rail System allows seats to be horizontally aligned on install and easily adjusted at any time with upgrades or the addition of accessories. The rail is installed at over mm above the ground and also supports the ease of row end cap letter identification, clearing riser steps and other obstacles.

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Seat numbers are not tilted downwards, as with some other seating products. Sightlines are known to be the key ingredient in any venue. The mechanism is internally sealed so that no dampening fluid escapes- even when stored for transportation- and it is not directly exposed to the elements.

Curved Rail Solution The HighClear lenses protect number decals

Clear lenses protect number decals and allow for easy replacement or interchange with seat customisation for particular events. This enables hassle-free versatility and an aesthetically pleasing finish to the overall look of the venue. It also enables the venue to start up and shut down quickly, saving on personnel and power costs. Curved Rail Solution The High Rail system can include a curved section, which is inserted where seating rows change angle in corner bays.

Est ce que les cambodgienne sont plutôt. This method of install also makes it possible to quickly adjust seat spacing on the rail for clean seat line-up aesthetics.

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The High Rail comfortably clears steps for visible row lettering. This provides ease of installation with minimal bending. The integrated cushion system in many models maintains the correct ergonomic profile and provides superior lumbar support. The High Rail System ensures that row numbers are clearly visible above obstructions such as steps and seat numbers are as close to eye level as possible.

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Although the basic model meets International Standard Organisation specifications, each seat can be further enhanced by adding higher grades of polymer or steel if desired. Hedge and Stone employ staff with a broad range of landscaping skills, ensuring most of our work is completed in house and project managed professionally to the highest standards. Venez discuter et rencontrer de nouveaux amis. The High Rail facilitates under-seat cleaning accessibility.