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The song is composed by Krishna and the lyrics are penned by Rajshekhar. Another superb song makes its appearance on the Bollywood scene. In an effort to make this song's lyrics accessible to the masses, here's the meaning of the song in English paragraph by paragraph. Jidro vi lange munde maarde seetiyan mar de mar de mar mar de seetiyan Ho kar de ishaare koi maarda geetiyan marda marda ma marda geetiyan. The narration of the story is slow according to some critics.

But when everyone goes to Raja's place to cancel Tanu's wedding with him, a furious Raja threaten them with a gun and warns of dire consequences if Tanu is married to anyone other than him. Website is very comprehensive and informative. Raja brandishes a gun and creates a scene.

Kudiyan de beech phir hasdi kheldi Has di has di has di kheldi O gutdi parandi tere naal wang mel di Kudiyan de beech phir hasdi kheldi Gal jin janve ni tu nag wane male di. Later at home Manu declares he would rather not get married now, and expresses his wish to leave for London.

Tanu's mother tells her guests that Tanu has been ill since yesterday and is unable to rise from bed. Tanu's parents rejoice at this turn of events.

Just listening to it makes you want to jump up and start tapping your feet to the music. Jassi called and invited Manu's parents and incidentally both sets of parents arrive at the same time. He then reminds Manu of the promise he had made to him, and he decides to honor his promise, and tells Tanu he might be many things, but he is not a betrayer. He and Tanu's mother would prefer Manu as their son in law and had been delighted when they got the call about Manu and Tanu being together.

But someone else at the wedding is also crushing on Tanu, and seeing her and Manu spending time together he calls Tanu's parents with the intention of worrying them about a scandal. She asks him to be stay till the wedding. His father expresses frustration that Raja keeps getting in fights. Tanu's father accepts somewhat unwillingly, and wonders out loud why Manu is doing this.

Gowriya gala di tere Tohe bade pab de Mitra pyaar ayanu Sone wade lag de. Upcoming Female Vocalist of The Year. Lyrics provided on Lyricstaal. She asks Manu to go up to Tanu's bedroom and meet her there. Very impressive professional profile too.

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Theatrical release poster. It took a very very long time, but I've updated the lyrics. However, after a period of stall, the film was re-announced with Kangana Ranaut replacing the character.

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Lehmber Hussainpuri Sadi Gali Lyrics. Kabhi sadi gali pul ke bhi Aayo karo ji Kabhi sadi gali pul ke bhi Aayo karo ji Kabhi sadi gali pul ke bhi. So, write cv your time-lapse song collection has reached Sadi Galli? Sajnaa nu ena na sataya karo ji Kabhi sadi gali pul ke bhi Aayo karo ji Kabhi sadi gali pul ke bhi.

He says no one wants him to marry Tanu, not even his mother has given him her blessings for it. That brought out the musical creativity dormant within the geek -. By the way, you should drop by my blog again. However, everyone is shocked to see that Raja is arriving with a wedding procession as promised, at the wedding venue at the same time as Manu, the bridegroom. He comes to India to find an Indian bride and get married.

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The soundtracks are composed by Krsna Solo with lyrics written by Rajshekhar. While coming back, Tanu asks him whether he actually had a pen with him at the registrar's office.

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Jassi also calls and tells Manu that he will not get married without him being present. He leaves as the proceedings for Tanu and Manu's wedding start once more. Upcoming Music Composer of The Year. Noyon Jyoti Parasara of NowRunning. During the train journey, Tanu finds an opportunity to speak privately with Manu, and tells him that she had intentionally taken sleeping pills to fall asleep, to avoid meeting him.

Tanu's father bribes an Inspector of Police as per the instruction of Pappi and Jassi, and gets Raja arrested on false charges. Over the next few days, Manu and Tanu strike up a friendship. It's even garnered over a million plays on Youtube. While going back, Raja tells Manu that he does not want to be married in this stealthy way, but Tanu's family would never accept him as nobody would recommend him to them properly.

He promises he will come to marry Tanu at due time. Jassi and Pappi advise Manu to try and win her over. Raja and Tanu have a fight.

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Tanu Weds Manu collected Rs. According to critics, Tanu Weds Manu has a cliched storyline, but has some unconventional and unpredictable situations. Tanu Weds Manu remake is done in Telugu as Mr.

He comes downstairs and tells both the families that he is willing to marry her. There's the shaadi-baarat, the romance, lovely clothes, and the atmospherics that transport you into another world.

Meanwhile, one of the goons who beat Manu up on behalf of Raja has noticed them together in the jeep, recognized him and called Raja. Manu is extremely disappointed because he likes her immensely, but he dutifully does the decent thing.

It doesn't take offence at anything but will charm you anyway. It has a feel-good factor to it, which should work with some part of the audience. It may be a slow starter but it will pick up phenomenally by positive word of mouth and ultimately go on to become a hit.

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It is really very interesting. It is painful for Manu, but he goes with Tanu to shop for her bridal outfit. Manu however refuses to be scared and begins reasoning with Raja. She shows Manu to Tanu's room and goes away to the kitchen. While the two families are sitting together, Ayushi's brother Raja Jimmy Sheirgill comes home, bloodied and disheveled.

The plan is that Raja will remain in jail for a few days, during which time Tanu will be married and safely sent away. Raja understands something is amiss and respects Manu for being honest. He also talks about his lonely life in London, how he fell in love with Tanu at first sight and how however much he tried to stay away from her it didn't work. Kangna Ranaut, R Madhavan.