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Which makes it the ultimate Professional Sinhala Astrology Software. As example, one can choose car according to color of the most powerful planet in his horoscope.

This is called as Planetary Transits or Graha Chara. This concept helps to determine how one house effect to another house. Cause their distance and motions can't make big influences to our life. Various Ashtakavarga charts are also prepared.

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But there have debilitation destroying planetary combinations in lot of horoscopes. Also these mentors were discussed with gods for define calculations of how universe effect to us. Sometime your guardian gods give your future details via your family astrologer. So it is not harm to even it staying in negative house. So planets are situated in these bhava places.

Sinhala Astrology Software for Professional Astrologers

Astrology informs us anyone can be a distinctive person. Numerology is section in occultism which is discussing how numbers are joining with our life. The nirayana longitude of the planets, the rasi, the longitude in the rasi, the nakshatra and the star pada is calculated. Normally one person have own one Lagna and one Nawansaka. Used by astrologers all over the world.

Basic of the Sri Lankan Traditional Astrology

Testimonials Testimonials Disclaimer. The longitude of planets including that of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are given as per Western method of calculation. Basic Lucky Number is calculating from adding all individual numbers in our birth date, together till achieve single number among one to nine.

Upagraha rasi chart is calculated and prepared. Apart from these two charts, there have other four birth charts which help to more accurate readings. Gods can link via mind with virtuous people. You also have an option to add new cities or places.

Following picture is sample Sri Lankan birth chart or horoscope. Comets called as Duma Ketu and mathematical points in space called as Upahgraha or Sub Planets also play some role in eastern astrology.

Sri Lanka Astrology & Sinhala Horoscope Reading

Because there is Kuja or Mars stays in first house, so this person can be aggressive one. The corresponding Varga bheda table is also prepared. Kanippayyur Namboodiripad.

Houses are counting as anti-clock wise such as below. Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Only main seven planets have enough power for influences on other houses, so other minor planet's showings are no need to care too much when does birth chart readings. So this is a science of the mind power. And what kind of planetary showings they had got.

Here is table going on such facts. You can define your own settings for ayanamsa. It is called as House Lord or Bhava Adipathi. The Nakshatra, nakshatra adipathi, sub lord and sub sub lord is calculated for each planet.

Basic of the Sri Lankan Traditional Astrology. In Sinhalese, avast antivirus protection main horoscope is identified as Kendaraya as social astrology used in Sri Lanka.

So astrologers consider where planet is in really at this moment. Only main seven planets consider as house lords. Astrology define how our energy body affect with our mind and what kind of positive powers we collected in our reincarnations, which are helping to our current life. As some astrological sects, wearing gems related to negative planets helping to give worse conditions.

However remember that these facts are basic of the astrology. Our astrology software takes care of calculating the astrological values giving you the freedom to focus on astrological analysis.

Sri Lanka Astrology & Sinhala Horoscope Reading

But these concepts can be varying with other nine planets. From Buddhist methods we can take support from gods easily. As well as some planets are not either rule, friendly or even negative. Astrology varies with countries, cultures, sects, religions and customs.

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The sub planets of Moon, Venus, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are based on the longitude of the Sun and these values are also calculated. The dasa as well as dasa balance at birth is also provided along with the rasi chart and navamsa chart. The Upagraha longitudes are calculated and presented in table format for easy reference. We can know where planets are going at current or particular time in universal chart by referring Almanacs of Five Factors or Panchanga Litha. Also this is mention as natal chart.

Astro-Vision's Sinhala Astrology software has the complete set of calculations required for astrological analysis and astrology consultancy. Corresponding to each planet, a sub-planet Upagraha is calculated by our horoscope software. The horoscope charts are customised keeping the Sri Lankan system of Sinhala Astrology in mind.

He must be armored with skills for tell more reliable perditions. So combinations of planets are helping to determine our inborn skills, mind, educational capabilities, sicknesses, etc. Also these past energies gave us positive powers to born as human being.

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