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The dynamic response and tone are faithful to those you'd expect from real vacuum tube amps and reacts to your playing style just like the real thing. Can your computer fulfil the next stage of your tonequest?

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Studio Devil's vacuum tube modeling technology uses a dynamic tube emulation algorithm that sets them apart from other amp simulators. Standard amplifier tone knobs set bass, mid, treble, and presence. However, these models can be tweaked in great detail to achieve pretty much any sound you need, and as such, Vandal is a very flexible amp sim. Demonstration All Demo software.

In addition to the ultimate in tube amplifier tone, Studio Devil also delivers two cabinet emulators and a noise gate. The amps modeled by Virtual Guitar Amp were selected to cover the broadest range of guitar playing styles, so there's something in there for everyone. When I used Virtual Guitar Amp to process drums and vocals, it performed wonderfully, providing a warm and realistic saturation effect that was quick and simple to dial in.

Firstly, you'll need something to plug your guitar into. Although simple to use, I did find the lack of straightforward pop-up menus to select amp models a bit of a drawback. Pros Gutsy and organic valve amp tones.

The password field is case sensitive. The noise gate is mostly transparent, responsive, and just right for its purpose. Its only effect is a noise gate, and you get two cabinet selections, which you can bypass.

When I punched it, the tone would both saturate and get a bit more treble, depending on the model. It can be used in the studio for audio processing, as well as during live performances, enabling you to deliver the audience inspiring tones and a worth-remembering experience. Power Amp Drive Control to adjust natural power amp compression.

Aside from selecting the model, the interface is very straightforward. If you go crazy with the preamp gain and power amp drive, the tails of long notes will sound unnatural, but when used judiciously, it clamps down on pickup and amp noise without cutting off notes. The first step to mitigating latency is to set your software's buffer size as low as you can while tracking, without introducing unwanted clicks, pops and the like. Software Music Machine Archive.

However, each effect is incredibly lush, natural-sounding and effective, and a doddle to dial in. You can also use the recording-chain side of the models mics, preamps, processors and so on independently, and apply them to other plug-ins, or even your own real guitar amps. Software amp sims have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro.

Like the original, amp selection is via a bunch of straightforward switches. It also comes with a built-in equalizer that features master level, which can help you adjust the frequency balance. Rolling off the volume knob on my Koll Tornado cleaned up the tone nicely. If the delay between what you play and what you hear is still unacceptably long, though, there are other ways to get around the issue.

Virtual Guitar Amp might seem a bit feature deprived, but by not trying to be everything to everyone, it succeeds in filling a niche of its own. Version one picked up a five star review from us a couple of years back. The technology Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp is built upon is similar to that of the most powerful tube amplifiers. If you have such an interface, you're pretty much good to go! With so many software amp simulators to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Built In Noise Gate with threshold and bypass controls. Guitarist-friendly interface. Previous article Next article. As such, it favours heavier guitar styles, but there are models available for other genres too.

For guitarists, however, it's not quite so simple. The Power Amp Drive knob dials in power amp compression.

The documentation is well written and full of useful tips. If your interface has an instrument jack input, like this one, then a bit of software could be all you need to get the perfect guitar tone from your computer. The graphical user interface features a brushed metal faceplate with virtual knobs and switches.

The Gain knob sets the amount of preamp distortion for the amp model. Bass, Mids, Treble, and Presence controls just like those on coveted tube amps! Cons Can't use all effects at once.

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It can be used during studio recording sessions, by guitar players. Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp. Sound processed by Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp include rich tones, file compression providing the dynamic response that real electronic amplifiers create.

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Peavey's ReValver offers arguably the most detailed editing options of any software amp simulator. As with soft-synths, guitar-amp software often comes with an arsenal of complex, effects-laden preset sounds based on famous guitar tones. Also new is the simplistic but perfectly effective tuner. Both can be bypassed, giving you the freedom to chain Virtual Guitar Amp with any of your favorite third-party impulse modeling and noise reduction plug-ins.

Studio Devil Releases Virtual Guitar Amp

In our review, we praised it for its ability to make guitar sounds that sit very well in a mix. The sound has to go into the computer, be processed via the software, and pass back out again before you can hear the sound of your guitar as if it were running through an amp. As well as having over amp and cabinet models, Pod Farm also includes an extensive selection of effects, with free routing between its many stomp-box models. Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp functions both as an audio plugin and a standalone application, providing you with a poweful bass amplifier. It's a good idea to peel back those effects and optimise the amp and speaker emulation settings first, before relying on complex effects chains to get the tone you're after.

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The modelled amps have a wonderful body and gutsy tonality, with a satisfying, organic feel. We have no hesitation in awarding it full marks once again.