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But in today's world, she supposed they were. Once again to readers who loved this book, no offence. When they actually start to negotiate the terms of their relationship, she tells him what she wants as in, she describes her ideal scenario. Then as if just noticing, he stared at Nathan and shook his head.

The atmosphere at Malone and Sons Security was so much fun. Read at your own lust filled bravery!

And I'm lying to you, too! Faith Malone is the office manager at Gray's new job at a Houston security firm, and her mother is the suspected killer's accomplice. Recommended if you are a steamy romance novel reader. His fingers slid into her wetness, and she cried out as a jolt of surprised pleasure echoed through her groin.

Avoiding lust filled eyes and sexual tension, the relationship becomes firework worthy explosive. There's just something about a beautiful, soft woman looking to them to protect and take care of them that inspires a man to greatness. Not one that changes from one to the other. There have been men who would be more than willing to spend a night playing the dominant male, but it ends there. So I didn't really like the sex stuff.

She sat fidgeting in her chair until she heard Connor return. The conclusion to the suspense has more gaping holes than a porn actress after a gang bang. This was a decently enjoyable story. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as every single muscle in her body tightened unbearably. Gray also grows throughout this book.

Disappointing as I love Maya Banks, but I just can't hack these books. Banks however makes any woman want to submit, especially if it means getting pampered and having naps all day like Faith does. You better not ruin Damon, Banks! Which sounds harmless enough until you see the g-d word every other page. She went on a journey to find what she really wanted, even when she wasn't exactly sure what that was in the beginning.

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Sweet Surrender (Sweet 1) by Maya Banks

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Regardless, this book was super cool and I really like the story and the characters. They find out that the suspect is hanging around with a woman and that woman has a daughter Faith she mooches money off of when she's in need.

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Mostly this is in the bedroom and unfortunately, when Faith tried suggesting adding some kink into their sex, her boyfriend wasn't into it so they split up. Gray is going undercover in Houston at a security firm where Faith works as an office manager. In fact I felt like I was reading a book catered to a man's desires most of the time.

Maybe if Faith and Gray had developed their relationship further, it would have made more sense. Thankfully, Faith wasn't overly broken up about it. Sometimes women want to step up to the plate because they want to step up to the plate and men have absolutely no involvement in the equation.

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That is if I'm able to get them from my library or cheapish. If you walked into your bedroom and found a naked woman tied to your bed, what would you think? She could see the bulge against his jeans. But the characters from the first half didn't match with the second half for me.

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Faith is a sweet and kind woman who is disappointed and unsatisfied with the relationships in which she has found herself. There was a slow, sweet seduction that kept me eagerly awaiting the next interlude between the feisty yet shy Faith and the tough and determined Gray. But the next day he reminds her that it's all about him now and though the first day is mild and sweet with a bit of kink, emoji keyboard android it never seems to be about anyone else but him after that. Sweet Surrender is a book about the relationship between Faith and Gray. Quotes from Sweet Surrender.

She's willing to surrender to the right man. And since this is Maya Banks, the sex must be prominent on the story. Maya Banks is an amazing author and has always kept me enthralled and turning the page.

There are several hotties sex club owner Damon and fellow security agents Connor, Nathan, and Micah that I hope to see as lead characters in future books in the series, especially yummy Dom Micah. She thinks her mom just wants money and Faith keeps telling her she won't give her any but Faith doesn't know that her mom is being pushed by a bad guy.

So she takes matters into her own hands to prove to him it's no game she's playing. You're in complete control.

Sweet Series by Maya Banks

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In Houston, Gray works at Malone and Sons, a security agency. Gray Montgomery gets involved with Faith because the man who killed his cop partner is associated with Faith's degenerate mother. There was an odd fire in his eyes, like he was seeing her for the first time. His voice, buttery smooth, glided over her body, removing the awkward vulnerability and leaving vague arousal in its stead. Faith gives it a shot but is disappointed with the result until Gray shows up and spanks her.

But I'm still so confused! If that's what you're expecting, then you need to walk now. Gray takes a leave of absence and finagles a job with the family P.

She became aware of him kissing her ear and murmuring soothing words. You must be in over your head. Faith is getting some calls from her mother but doesn't realize how bad things are. Faith is an office manager for a security firm.

If that's what people are into, then cool, you know, whatever floats your boat. It moved from teasing and flirty to porno style in a matter of pages. Borderline creepy threesome with her friend Micah?