Tmnt rencontre avec casey jones

Tmnt rencontre avec casey jones

This incarnation's personality is on par with Raphael's. April's cameraman and friend who is revealed to have taken credit for the turtles actions in saving New York City. Jane Wu plays Jade, a police officer. Out of the Shadows is a slight improvement over its predecessor, but still lacks the wit or anarchic energy of the comics that birthed the franchise. One of Cody's inventions, the Turtle X armor, resembles Casey's hockey mask.

He seems to know about mutants, which is seen when he rescues April from Mutagen Man and is shown to be able to defeat him on his own. He eventually meets and befriends the turtles and April. The leader of the turtles who wields a pair of katana in battle.

He was previously portrayed by Tohoru Masamune in the first film. Leonardo benches Raphael and takes Michelangelo off the mission.

This incarnation's personality

In the series, Casey has a good heart, but is easily enraged and occasionally bumbling. Dean Winters appears as a bartender. Furious, Hun has his thugs beat Casey to a pulp. Shredder betrays Stockman and his men take him to their headquarters in Tokyo. This Casey is shown to be a good man who only fights crime on his own when he feels like he has no choice.

When entering the Technodrome, Krang likewise betrays Shredder, freezing him and locking him with his collection of other defeated foes. At the beginning of the film, he is the only character to know that Raphael is the Nightwatcher. When the turtles are threatened by the police Casey and April place themselves in the line of fire to buy the turtles time to escape.

The production values showcasing new mutants and many gear-heavy extra-dimensional machines undreamed of in any actual engineering philosophy are ultrashiny. By the time the film takes place, Casey is now in a relationship with April and he works for her shipping company as a delivery man, spending his nights continuing his vigilante activities. This backstory was later expanded upon in the Dreamwave comics and adopted into the Mirage series.

However, their conflicting personalities lead to frequent arguments at first. Casey was voiced by Pat Fraley. April arranges a meeting between the turtles and Vincent, and convinces her that they are not enemies and were the ones who defeated Shredder in the first place. The leader of the Foot Clan who now seeks revenge on the turtles and allies with Krang.

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It is implied that Casey had gone away for a while, explaining his absence in the second film. As such, he often comes to their aid against the Shredder, the Foot Clan, or other enemies. Early on, Casey meets April and there is an initial attraction.

Raphael first meets Casey while the vigilante tries to stop a mugging by the Purple Dragons. Vern distracts the police while April and Casey retrieve the mutagen, but the Foot arrive ahead of them. Later, after Casey and April are freed, Casey assists in the final battle by taking on Bebop and Rocksteady.

When entering the Technodrome Krang likewise