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There are surely good typing tutors out there that can be alternate solutions. Like Quertime on Facebook to unlock amazing giveaways!

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It also allows you to practise copy typing, and perform speed test, word and number tests. TypeRacer TypeRacer is a popular online typing game that you can play and race against live opponents typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. Instead of singing along with the lyrics, you have to type them as fast as you can. They have a list of free resources too, and that's a great pointer to some other typing resources. Then typing at an even rhythmical pace, instead of bursts, to increase speed.

The free typing tutor also includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification. Our website in contrast to them provides very accurate, fast and unlimited translation capability. Most of the games have an advertisement at the beginning. Song, music, and dance accompany each lesson.

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For dyslexics it's a challenge definitely. Type the Alphabet Well, this is not a typing tool but an online game which you can play and check out how fast you can type from a to z. You can also improve your touch-type keyboarding skills with their tutorial lessons. Interesting apps mentioned there. Fast typing is useful only if you have a job with huge typing workload with materials already provided.

The typing software program teaches you fast typing skills and tests your typing speed. Thought precedes typing, and that's a speed bump.

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Learn How to Touch-Type With These 8 Top Tools & Tutorials

Typing fast is all about muscle memory and these tools and typing games help to add a bit of fun too. We have covered touch typing tools and tutorials quite comprehensively. So, even if you have nimble fingers, rob zombie dragula you can start off somewhere in the middle rather than start over. There are specialty lessons too where you get to type chapters from literary classics and other works.

It is an advanced Open Source typing tutor and a free download. The software supports the learner with speed and performance measuring features and detailed statistics.

So, why not have the same fun when we are learning how to touch type. It also marks the fingers you should use. More pauses means higher viscosity. There are many options to practice your touch typing.

When you progress through the lesson, more keys will be added. That could also mean the difference between adding half a day to your productivity.

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. If you grab the bragging rights, share the results on Facebook and Twitter. For time being we created two pages of translator only but in future, we are working on developing other language translator pages. These are very useful pages for Hindi Typists, if you want to know the working of Remington keyboard layout and Inscript keyboard layout use them.

Your email address will not be published. Amphetype is described as being layout agnostic that means it does not come with a virtual keyboard, but gives you lessons you can use to practice any keyboard layout with it. But it would be the same if I just write on paper. Read More to be the best way.

TypeOnline TypeOnline provides various typing tutorial and touch typing course online to develop your keyboard skills. Blog Hindi Typing Keyboard. Rapid Typing Tutor is free for personal use and is supported by all Windows versions.

You can also find some useful techniques and tutorials about Touch typing, learning to type fast without looking at the keyword. The touch typing trainer offers three lessons from Basic to Advanced.

Scroll down for the next article. Translator on our website is one of the most powerful and functional in contrast to other websites. Furthermore, Krybr keeps track of all your performance and mistakes for your improvement purposes.

Instead, it creates readable random words using the phonetic rules of your native language. Specifically, a touch typist will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory. We created this typing test with utmost caution so that you can get as much precision in reviewing your typing abilities. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Edutainment is the name bandied about around time.

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These represent a few of the best and simple games that can really polish your finger dexterity. TypingWeb is better-rounded in comparison to the above two. But isn't resting the hands on the flat area of the keyboard more relaxing? Typing Karaoke is all about fun while you practice your touch typing.

Like anything worthwhile in life, it's all about persistence and practice. We have given two converter pages krutidev to Unicode and Unicode to krutidev. Most important features of typing tests are the various number of test result points for different standards.