When does santana and brittany start dating, penifoogent

While both seem to want to be together, Santana is afraid of the repurcussions of coming out of the closet. Santana has a pained look on her face as Brittany leaves and edges to follow her, but she turns back to Rory with a satisfied look on her face as she tells him off. Brittany is seen cheering Artie on excitedly. Kurt's the trick to winning prom queen and getting Britt. The next day, Brittany is playing a game of chess with the chess club members as human chess pieces against Kiki, her phone's advisory system.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

The evolution and devolution of Brittana on Glee - AfterEllen
What glee episode does Santana and Brittany start dating
When do brittany and santana start dating
  • Quinn then says that Santana is just getting naked with Puck implying that they aren't dating, at this point Brittany is with Artie.
  • Santana gives in because of Brittany and agrees to play nice.
  • When Kurt wakes up Rachel, you can see where all the other girls are sleeping except for Brittany and Santana.
  • She hugs her, tells her something, touches her nose, and then puts her arm around her and they walk off.
  • Santana glances over at Brittany a few times during the song.

Brittany says she would never cheat of Santana. Santana looks pissed when Rory wants his pot of gold. When you told me all that stuff the other week it meant so much to me.

Brittany-Santana Relationship
The evolution and devolution of Brittana on Glee

Brittany and Santana are seen with their reactions to being nominated prom king and queen. Brittany, who is clearly upset, asks her who she's going to sing a duet with and Santana gets an evil smile across her face. Brittany walks in the choir room behind Santana who is talking to Lauren. She then performs Songbird. Brittany accidentally confessed she and Santana have had sex at least once.

Brittany shows that she understands and she looks sympathetic towards her whilst she continues stroking her back and her hair in an effort to comfort her. What is the name of the episode of justice league unlimited where wonder woman and batman start dating? How did Michelle start dating the undertaker?

Shannon-Puck Relationship. That there's one other person in your life that can provide for you things that I'm supposed to provide. Her quote, which has been widely circulated on Twitter and Tumblr by Brittana fans, has given us some hope for a return to what was. Giving her a peck on the cheek, Brittany tells her that she's all hers if she wants her and leaves. Mattress They are standing beside each other for the Glee Club Thunderclap photo, and after the picture is taken they are holding each other's hands and laughing.

  1. Because real girl-friends hold hands Because They make out all the time.
  2. Brittany kisses Santana after challenging Santana as to how far she will go for fame.
  3. Brittany also made a drawing of her and Santana in Happyville, Brittany's made up mathless world.
  4. They sit together during the performances of Yeah!
  5. No me gusta I don't like this.

Quinn continues to say that besides them, every glee girl is in a relationship. Like what if I had eggs for dinner, then what is it? At one point, Brittany slaps Santana's butt and then Santana puts her arm around Brittany as they skip off. Later on they are in the bathroom and Santana is helping Brittany with her make-up.

Schue tells them that they'll be spending time in wheelchairs, they are holding hands. During the song, Santana stares upon Brittany in which she delivers a smile and is welcomed back returning the favor back. Brittany walks up in the middle of Santana's interview with Jacob and interrupts, they walk off smiling with their arms locked.

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At Burt and Carole's wedding, she rolls Artie down the aisle, sings with him, and dances with him during Will's rendition of Sway. They are also seen sitting next to each other in brides maid dresses while waiting for Quinn to arrive at the wedding. Brittany moves in and kisses Santana, albion speed dating who tells Brittany that it's a bad idea and that she's worked really hard to get over her.

Quinn angrily says that she doesn't care about a stupid show choir competition. Santana declines the offer, but agrees to go on a vacation with her. New Directions competes at Regionals, and with the aid of the Troubletones number featuring Santana, Brittany and Mercedes, the club wins. Brittany says she has pepperoni down her bra and Santana tells her that those are her nipples.

What glee episode does Santana and Brittany start dating

They proceed to kiss but are cut off due to the interruption of Figgins, asian online dating toronto who calls them into his office saying that he's gotten complaints after they kissed in the halls the previous day. They are also both in the musical. Will splits up the glee club into the girls and the boys.

Kurt-Rachel-Santana Relationship. They join in the group hug at the end. Holiday in the library and tell her that they need her help. At one point Santana grabs Brittany's wrist and at the end Santana has her arm around Brittany. Brittany tells her that this is her sole creative outlet now and Santana says that's not what Brittany really loves to do, that she loves to dance.

Even though Artie is confessing his insecurities, Brittany only mildly jumps in to make him feel better, but when he attacks Santana, Brittany quickly jumps in and defends her forcefully. When picking partners, Mr. When do teens usually start dating? What episode does Shikamaru and temari start dating? At the end of the date, Puck attempts to dine and dash, which Artie doesn't agree with.

When Santana comes out Brittany is all smiles. Santana is backing Brittany to Rachel and Kurt stating why Brittany should be class president. Meanwhile, Kevin is obsessed with Nick's cookies.


This was highlight when Brittany and Sam were talking in the auditorium. The playlist also shows a picture of the cuddled up wrapped around in a love heart shape. Rachel-Shelby Relationship. Quinn-Santana Relationship.

Artie-Brittany Relationship

Artie-Brittany Relationship

Quinn-Mercedes Relationship. They are together in the choir room with the others, taurus man dating Santana performs Trouty Mouth. But you told me you were in love with me.

When do brittany and santana start dating

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